Marvel Comics Universe & Web Of Venom: The Good Son Spoilers & Review: Sleeper Symbiote Gets Between Red Goblin Childe Normie Osborn & Venom Son Dylan Brock Bridging Absolute Carnage & Next Venom Event?!


Marvel Comics Universe and Web Of Venom: The Good Son Spoilers and Review follows.

Sleeper Symbiote Gets Between Red Goblin Childe Normie Osborn and Venom Son Dylan Brock…

…Bridging Absolute Carnage and Next Venom Event?!

We open with a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

Eddie Brock is missing so his son Dylan Brock is staying with Normie Osborn and his family; turns out that Dylan has the last fragment of the Carnage symbiote from Absolute Carnage…

…and can control it, but who is really controlling who?

Normie ends up reading Dylan’s journal, which includes references to the voices in his head now, which…

…make him more violent?!

The Sleeper symbiote morphs from cat to his human looking form to stop the warring children.

Dylan agrees to tell his dad about his powers and the Carnage symbiote so the Sleeper won’t absorb the Carnage symbiote.

Sleeper returns the kids to their room just in time for Normie’s dad to come in and check on them!

Interestingly, it’s nor Carnage talking to Dylan, but Knull the symbiote alien god!

The book emds woith a back-up story on Sleeper…

…that may also play into the upcoming Venom / Knull event.

The Pulse:

Cool characters including my fave symbiote Sleeper. |Decent art and an unexpected bonus with that back-up story. Entertaining, but the art wasn’t consistent in style between both stories so the transition was a bit jarring. 7 out of 10.

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