WWE Raw 1/27/20 Recap – Raw After The Rumble

The men’s Rumble is recapped before Drew comes out and says he must be dreaming. He gets a yes chant and wants a challenge, so The OC comes out. Drew destroys them quickly and now does a 3-2-1 count with the fans before getting the 1-2-3. That’s cute, but even dumber than HBK doing the corner foot stomp before the superkick. Brock F5s him afterwards. An Edge WM X7 video airs. Rey’s out to face MVP, who gets his own highlight video. MVP got his full intro theme here sans giant entrance tunnel and his black and red Punisher gear. They have a pretty slow match due to MVP’s style being pretty glacial before a 619 into a back splash ends it.

Aleister Black destroys a jobber in a few seconds with a Black Mass. Seth and Murphy cut an arrogant promo until Joe and KO come down and demand a match. They get it and get the better of the heels until Seth eats a stunner and Murphy rolls up KO for the win. Well that made everyone involved seem like less of a star. Edge’s 2010 Rumble win is shown off and then we see his return at the Rumble last night. A women’s Rumble video airs showing off the match itself and Becky vs. Asuka. Becky cuts a promo and says if Charlotte challenges her, it won’t be the first time – but it will be the last before showing off her G.O.A.T. jacket with actual goat design.

Andrade faces Humberto Carrillo in yet another match for the US Title after losing clean last night. They have a nice match before Carrillo gets the moonsault, but Zelina prevents the win. This pisses him off and he sends Andrade out and lands the same hammerlock DDT on the floor to Andrade that he ate that took him out. This is called retribution, but really it’s just the face sinking to the heel’s level. Edge’s retirement speech in 2011 is shown.

Charlotte’s out to face Asuka and hits a nice back suplex. She gets the figure 8, but Kairi gets involved with the insane elbow to end that. Charlotte boots Kairi down and Asuka saves her. Kelly Kelly meets with the Street Profits with Montez singing her theme while wearing two Solo cups. Montez ships Dawkins and Kelly before hyping up the 24/7 Title match. Mojo’s out with his new offensive lineman Riddick Moss. Moss has a unique physique with a jacked upper chest and love handles. Mojo chopblocks Jose and then hits a corner running punch. Hyperdrive ends it before Truth comes down dressed as a burger and wins it. Riddick prevents an escape and Mojo hits the Hyperdrive to regain the title.

Lana’s out in her Captain Marvel getup before Liv’s out in her leather gear. Liv hits some cool stuff, including a run-up curb stomp out of the corner and a slingshot flatiner off the second rope to win. Rowan beats up a jobber, using both a jackhammer and the claw slam to win. Edge comes out to a great ovation and talks about his recovery. He felt good just letting things heal up a bit. He got a second neck surgery and worked harder than ever to look great and end his career on his terms.

Orton comes out and says Edge is like family to him. He felt the chemistry with Edge again before hitting an RKO. He goes to Pillmanize his neck and goes up top, but has second thoughts as fans are seen praying. He instead does a conchairto and they shoot it so you can see Edge’s head in the triangle formed by the positioning of the chairs. Well that part sucked, but it was a great angle and damn do the fans in the building CARE about Edge. They don’t care about much, but he’s got something special.

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