DC Comics Universe & The Flash #87 Spoilers & Review: A Flash REALLY Dies, Rogues’ Reign Ends & Paradox Looms LARGE!

DC Comics Universe and The Flash #87 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Flash REALLY Dies, Rogues’ Reign Ends and…

…Paradox Looms LARGE!

After the Rogues Captain Gold and his sister Golden Glider escape, Barry Allen and Iris West try to relax, but…

…are interrupted by a future Barry Allen Flash from the Year One arc.

That future Barry Allen disintegrates and warns his younger self that they created a Paradox by changing the timeline in Year One and…

…since Commander Cold, a future Captain Cold relative on the side of good, was killed by Captain Cold, the Flash and the timeline is screwed?!

Your first look at new villain Paradox is here.

The Pulse:

Lots of action in this one to wind down Rogues’ Reign; Flash’s Rogues are more dangerous than ever. Very intriguing end to the issue as well. The art was just ok. 7 out of 10.

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