Marvel Comics Universe & Thor #2 Spoilers & Review: The Black Winter Will Even Kill The DC’s The Justice League?! Plus Thor Vs. Galactus In A Unique Way!

Marvel Comics Universe and Thor #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

The Black Winter Will Even Kill…

…DC’s The Justice League?!

Plus Thor Vs. Galactus In A Unique Way!

We open with a storyline catch-up and creator credits page.

We open with a tease of the future with the Black Winter…

…descending on Earth and destroying the Justice League, quite literally, before…

…ending on the “hand of creation” gimmick DC uses to explain its genesis.

Then we see Thor, as the Herald of Galactus, but called Herald of Thunder.

However, the role is the same; he needs to find planets for Galactus to feed on to regain his strength and power after his brush with the Black Winter.

Thor tries to stop Galactus from consuming a habitable world and even maims Galactus quite graphically!

As Galactus is about to feed on the world and its populace, Thor conjures up a widened Rainbow Bridge and extricates the planet’s citizens to Asgard!

Galactus feeds…

…is unsatiated and wants to destroy his new Herald…

…when Beta-Ray Bill enters the picture?!

The book ends of a tease of next issue Thor #3.

It also has a cool variant cover.

The Pulse:

An intriguing issue with some solid art. Entertaining. 7 out of 10.

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