DC Comics Universe & The Encore Spoilers: Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo’s “Super-Hero Conclusion” Looks To Be Heavy Metal & Not Death Metal?!

DC Comics Universe and The Encore Spoilers follows.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “Super-Hero Conclusion” Looks To Be Heavy Metal and Not Death Metal?!

It looks to be a Wonder Woman centric event…

…as teased (above) at the end of Snyder’s Justice League run last as well (full spoilers here) and elsewhere (below).

Two take aways from a bit of research.

DC Comics has an existing hashtag / spot on their website for Heavy Metal (above) that leads you currently to Dark Nights Metal content (below); there is no equivalent approach for Death Metal.

Scott Snyder had this to add on what’s current hyped as The Encore.

Text (emphasis added):

      “Bc folks are asking: this project with Greg will be a bit of a capstone to everything I’ve worked on at DC – threads from the start thru metal and JL- bringing it all to a final conclusion. It also builds on great DC stories by others, too, past and present, celebrating it all.”

Snyder isn’t leaving DC though.

Text (emphasis added):

      …I just mean that I want to bring all the threads we’ve laid down over the years to a big final conclusion that serves as a kind of love letter to the DCu as a whole, too.

      But I do intend to step back a bit from superheroes afterward to focus more on creator owned like AV [American Vampire]

Good news for American Vampire fans.

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