Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney Crowdfunds Almost $540K Overachieving Target By Over 6500%!

Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney Crowdfunds Almost $540K Overachieving Target By Over 6500%!

The book began shipping before Christmas 2019.

Two relevant updates below.

Update #1 from EVS on December 19, 2019.


      Hello everyone!

      I’ve spent the past week signing EVERY SINGLE copy of CYBERFROG BLOODHONEY, the 1998: DIARY OF HEATHER SWAIN ashcans, and assembling packages of every other perk from all tiers and shipping them out.

      It’s been incredible. There’s nothing like signing 30,000 comics (in total) and packing up this many packages, so I’m grateful to have some help.

      Across four campaigns, CYBERFROG BLOODHONEY with the 1998 ashcan set is arriving in people’s hands, and I’m getting lots of feedback. Yours will be in your possession soon, if you haven’t gotten it yet! Post photos on social media, please!

      I’m looking forward to closing out this campaign and labeling it FULFILLED!

      In the unlikely event that you receive your book DAMAGED, or if we missed an item, please send an email titled CYBERFROG CHROMIUM REPLACEMENT with your name, order number and MAILING ADDRESS in the email, plus a brief description of the problem to This will make getting your replacement to you much quicker.

      We are receiving a small number of returns for “Insufficient Address”. In these cases, fulfillment will be reaching out to you through the email you provided to ask for updated information. Please respond promptly so that we can ship your perks to you!

      We have a limited number of leftovers for the SALAMANDROID CHROMIUM VARIANT COMIC campaign, plus plenty of CYBERFROG 1998: THE DIARY OF HEATHER SWAIN ashcan sets. Those will go on sale in a new campaign shortly for those who missed them, and I will update this campaign with the info when it’s ready. The Fulfillment Machine is in full swing! We want to get these comics into your hands immediately!

      Thank you everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
      Ethan Van Sciver

      (PS, here’s SOME of the orders that shipped today! Crazy, right?)

Update #2 from EVS on December 28, 2019.

      Fulfillment ERROR!

      Hey everyone!

      I’m getting lots and lots of feedback from backers of this campaign who are receiving their books, and are very happy BUT:


      The AMPHIBIONIX ashcan, of course, was a freebie that was unlocked as a stretch goal at the $50+ level. If you backed the CYBERFROG 1998 ashcan, you were supposed to get the AMPHIBIONIX as a free bonus, and obviously, that’s important. You want your free bonus, you backed the campaign, you waited for it, you were supportive, WHERE IS YOUR AMPHIBIONIX ASHCAN?

      Fulfillment didn’t realize they were supposed to go out with this campaign. They weren’t listed in the tier, because at the time that I wrote the tier, they didn’t exist. They were a stretch goal. So two days worth of shipments went out without the AMPHIBIONIX ashcans, until I saw what was happening, and corrected the mistake.

      Prior orders that went out without the freebie are being fixed at our expense. So expect another little envelope in the mail with your AMPHIBIONIX ashcan in the coming days!

      Should this affect your reading experience of CYBERFROG BLOODHONEY and 1998: THE DIARY OF HEATHER SWAIN?
      NOT ONE BIT.

      AMPHIBIONIX is an old story that I drew in 1997, originally issued in black and white, and now recolored and reoffered to you as a fun gift. It isn’t a part of the current story, and you don’t need to read it to be up to date with the events of CYBERFROG: SEASON ONE. So don’t wait for it before reading the books you’ve received! It’s not integral to the story at all.

      In the meantime, if you never ordered the ashcans in the first place, you’ve still got about 44 hours as of this writing to get yourself a set, both CYBERFROG 1998: THE DIARY OF HEATHER SWAIN, and AMPHIBIONIX, at the same price we offered them here. Here’s that link:

      Thank you for understanding and thank you for showing off your books on social media! I love it. I hope you enjoy the presentation, and will come back for CYBERFROG 2: REKT PLANET, which launches early this coming year!

      Ethan Van Sciver

Wow, 30,000 comics shipped out. What will EVS do with the rest of the funds crowdfunded?

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