DC Comics Universe & Justice League Odyssey #18 Spoilers & Review: FOURTH Big Threat Teased As JLO Continues To Build To FCBD’s Generation Zero & DC’s 5G Timeline Convergence?!

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DC Comics Universe and Justice League Odyssey #18 Spoilers and Review follows.

FOURTH Big Threat Teased As JLO Continues To Build To…

FCBD’s Generation Zero and DC’s 5G Timeline Convergence?!

The book opens with a time-distorted Epoch get set straight by the fragments of the JLO.

He teases the futures of some of the characters and…

…tells them he needs their help to save all of time.

Elsewhere, a future version of Jessica Cruz Green Lantern calls her and her allies to Epoch.

Darkseid’s apex New Gods, including OG JLO members Azrael, Starfire and Cyborg, scheme.

Epoch has pulled the ragtag JLO team together…

…to save them FOUR threat this coming following in the footsteps of Perpetua, Apex Lex Luthor and the Batman Who Laughs Darkseid!

Based on the tease of next issue, the plan involves breaking time.

An interesting tease considering Generation Zero on FCBD 2020 will deal with zero hour’ing / fixing the existing timeline and setting up a new DC 5G one potentially.

Next two issues; JLO #19 (above) and JLO #20 (below).

The Pulse:

I figured this book was building to something, but I didn’t know it was building to DC’s next event. It was clear though that whatever JLO was building it would involve time. An entertaining and intriguing plot, an often unwieldly cast of characters, rendered with just ok art. Strength was the story. 6.5 out of 10.

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