DC Comics Universe & May 2020 Solicitations Spoilers: Dark Nights: Death Metal Is An Anti-Crisis On Infinite Earths With Wonder Woman & NOT Batman As Lead! Weaves Doomsday Clock & More Into DC!

DC Comics Universe and May 2020 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

Dark Nights: Death Metal Is An Anti-Crisis On Infinite Earths With Wonder Woman and NOT Batman As Lead That Weaves Together Doomsday Clock, Year Of The Villain and More With Rest Of DC Metaverse / Multiverse!

Writer Scott Snyder had the below teases for the new series.

      …this event is really meant to be kind of a capstone on a lot of the stuff Greg [Capullo] and I [Scott Snyder] have done in the big superhero center stage in the DC universe. That doesn’t mean that we’re immediately leaving DC or not doing any more DC work ever again, but it does mean, for both of us, a significant stepping back from the big stage and doing other things.

      Justice League 100 percent ties into Death Metal. Something happens in between the end of Justice League and the beginning of the story that’s part of the mystery, and when this story starts, the heroes are really down and it seems as though DC Universe has been transformed in such a way that Perpetua and the Batman Who Laughs have taken over, and the heroes are in a terrible, terrible way.

      The other thing I need to say it, it doesn’t just connect the Justice League — the goal and the task really, if we were going to do it, wasn’t just to do a story that’s built on old stuff — Batman and Metal and Justice League — but that built on some of the stories that I think our fans love and are in continuity, but haven’t had a chance to kind of impact in the way that, possibly, they could have at different times. So stories like Doomsday Clock, for example, this has a huge sort of connection to that, and is very much meant to honor and build on that story.

      Some of the great stuff that is really affecting the line over with what Brian [Michael Bendis] is doing over with Superman, this builds on some of that, on some of the Event Leviathan stuff, on some of the stuff that Grant [Morrison] did, as well as like older stories from all the Crisis, all the crises of the past come into this different ways. If everything before this was a Crisis, then this is an anti-Crisis.

      Those villains and those characters [from Crisis on Infinite Earths] appear in this; it has to do with DC Universe: Rebirth and why Rebirth came after The New 52, and Metal came after that; how Doomsday Clock affected the world — all those things are things built into this. It’s a big task. It really is. It’s a love letter to the DCU asking, can we make it all connect in a way that it really honors the stories that you love and on top of that, gives you just a great crazy comic epic that’s as big as anything we’ve done, as good as anything we’ve done, and as heartfelt anything we’ve done?

      And, you know, it’s Wonder Woman in the lead. We’ve been dying to do a Wonder Woman story forever.


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