Marvel Comics Universe & Wolverine #1 Spoilers & Review: Logan Breaks Out Of Dawn Of X With Own Series! Over 60 Pages Of X-Men As Order Of X Strikes!

Marvel Comics Universe and Wolverine #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Logan Breaks Out Of Dawn Of X….

…With Own Series!

Over 60 Pages Of X-Men As Order Of X Strikes!

We learn what Order of X is; basically human allies who view mutants in reverence.

The mystery in the first story of this issue surrounds who has stolen the pollen from the mutant flowers; the pollen is now a global street drug.

The mystery takes the X-Men to Russia.

Turns out they encounter of the Order of X which is really a cult and…

…the pollen turns them into something else…

…outnumbering the X-Men!

Looks like the pollen is lethal to humans?

Another tip puts Wolverine the room with a stooge how tells him that the pale woman is behind the pollen theft and distribution.

Turns out human cops and the X-Men are both after the pollen ring.

The first story ends with Wolverine encountering the place woman and…

…the cops?!

The second story involves Omega Red…

…seeking Santuary in Krakoa.

Magneto sends Wolverine to clean up whatever mess Omega Red caused or was involved in.

Turns out Omega Red has been tangling with…

…undead vampires?

And, all they want…

…is a taste of Wolverine’s regenerative blood!

These vampires serve Dracula…

…as does Omega Red?

The book ends with some more details on pollen.

The Pulse:

Two intriguing stories with solid art. Still not sold on the Krakoa island as sanctuary, but I feel this is building to something. 7 out of 10.

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