DC Comics Universe & Justice League #41 Spoilers & Review: Eradicator Superman & His Daxam Army, With Powers Rivaling Superman, Defeat The Justice League & Take-Over Earth?!

DC Comics Universe and Justice League #41 Spoilers and Review follows.

Eradicator Superman and His Daxam Army, With Powers Rivaling Superman, Defeat…

…The Justice League and Take-Over Earth?!

This advance legion from Daxam, which is populated by decedents of Krypton, have been galvanized by the Eradicator to set up a New Kypton colony on Earth.

The Eradicator has also removed the Daxamite’s weakness to lead, making them ALL rivals to Superman.

Despite saying they have no weakness, they would still, presumably, be susceptible to the same things that harm Superman? Magic at least, but not sure about Kryptonite or a red sun.

On the magic front, Batman finally returns with Madame Xanadu and…

…takes out the whole Daxam army, but not the Eradicator who appears intrigued by her actions.

She also whisks the Justice League away, but…

…was too fatigued to bring Wonder Woman with her! In his broadcast to Earth that he’s taking over, Eradicator uses the unconscious body of Wonder Woman to show the Earth that the Justice League is defeated and that human have no hope and must yield to him.

The Pulse:

Love seeing the Daxamites back, but would have loved to seen an ancestor or relative of the LOSH’s Mon-El among them. Overall a compelling issue and decent art. I am intrigued by what’s next and the build to Justice League #50. 7 out of 10.

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