Toy Fair 2020: McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Showroom

McFarlane’s big presence at Toy Fair this year is likely due to the fact that they now have the master DC Comics license. Let’s check out some of the new figures they had on display:

They had 2 new figures of Wonder Woman for the upcoming summer movie. They did not have Cheetah on display, as WB is keeping her secret, but McFarlane said that there is ‘talks’ about making a figure of her as well, which we all know means they can not talk about it. The Gal Gadot likeness looks much better in person then it did in the promo shots that were released late last week.

Batman Arkham Asylum:
McFarlane is dipping in to the Video Games version of these characters with Batman & The Joker from Arkham Asylum.

Batman White Knight:
In a story arc that I am not familar with, McFarlane will have a series of figures with Batman, SWAT Team Jack & with Joker head, & Azrael. This Azrael was an awesome looking figure.

Also on display were the blue & grey repaints of B:TAS & Rebirth Batman. The company is aware of the feedback that there are too many Batman figures as part of the line, but they are working with retailers to get the right mix of characters out there.

For more on McFarlane, check out our previous article in their showroom.

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