Toy Fair 2020: Marvel Legends Showroom


Hasbro stole the show with Marvel Legends, in my opinion. Let’s get a run-down of what was shown off.

Marvel Legends X-Men AOA Series
-Dark Beast
-Jean Grey
-Sugar Man Build-a-Figure

The Avengers GamerVerse Series
-Kamala Khan (Video Game version)
-Captain America (Video Game version)
-Iron Man (Video Game version)
-The Leader
-Abomination Build-a-Figure (Video Game version)

X-Force Series
-Deadpool (Blue & Gold)
-Black Tom
-Strong Guy Build-a-Figure

Marvel Legends Deluxe
-War Machine
-AOA Apocalypse
-Red Hulk (Target Exclusive)

Spider-Man Retro
-Spider-Man (Completely new build)
-Gwen Stacy (with alternate MJ head)
-Peter Parker
-3 more unannounced

Marvel Legends Venom Series
-Venomized Miles Morales
-Venomized Ghost Spider

Army Builders are coming, Hydra Soldier is now available at Hasbro Pulse.

FOX X-Men movie figures announced!
-Logan (Amazon Exclusive)
-Professor X (with alternate Stewart & McAvoy heads)
-Magneto (with alternate McKellen & Fassbender heads)
-Negasonic Teenage Warhead

New builds are coming to the line, with Old Man Logan & Old Man Hawkeye coming with pinless joints!

Upcoming figures of Nimrod, modern Rogue, & Giant Sized Storm revealed. No release announced for these. Nimrod is a BAF sized figure, but they did make it a point to say that they do not know how they are going to release it.

We will have the official images of these up shortly!

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