Toy Fair 2020: Generation Selects Cassettes

Do you need more Transformers cassettes in your life? Do you even know what a cassette is, you little millennial bastards? Either way, Hasbro has you covered. We’re going to get a Hasbro Selects 4 pack with a few missing figures with Rumble and Ratb…SKAR) and a couple more obscure figures in Wingthing and Enemy…wait, that’s not Enemy? It’s apparently an Autobot named Knok. Wasn’t that the Water Spirit in Froze II?

Confusion from the names aside, it’s a neat little set. Oh, and RIBFIR!!!!

Transformers: Generations Selects Micromaster WFC-GS10 Soundwave Spy Patrol (3rd Unit) 4-Pack

(Ages 8 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $19.99 / Available: June 1, 2020)

The Generations Selects WFC-GS10 SOUNDWAVE SPY PATROL (3rd Unit) 4-Pack figures stand at 1.5 inches and are inspired by the G1 mini-cassettes. The 4-pack includes DECEPTICON RUMBLE, DECEPTICON WINGTHING, DECEPTICON SKAR and AUTOBOT KNOK alt modes, which fit inside the chests of WFC-S25 SOUNDWAVE and WFC-S55 SOUNDBLASTER figures (each sold separately, subject to availability). With these figures, fans can add to their SOUNDWAVE SPY PATROL collection including WFC-S18 RAVAGE and LASERBEAK and WFC-S46 RUMBLE and RATBAT (each sold separately, subject to availability). Unite FRENZY with WFC-S46 RUMBLE to complete the dynamic duo from the 80s. Convert FRENZY, WINGTHING, SKAR, and KNOK into cassette-inspired V5, V6, V7, and V8 Sonicsurge Drone Armor modes in 3-4 easy steps. Now it’s up to you to decide which DECEPTICON is red or blue! The package can also be flipped inside out to look like a cassette tape – the perfect backdrop to display these figures! Generations Selects is a fan-dedicated line of figures featuring special edition characters that can’t be found in the main line. Available at select retailers, online and for pre-order on on February 22, 2020 at 4PM EST.

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