Toy Fair 2020: Hasbro Marvel Legends Studio Images


Hasbro showed off 3 new waves of Marvel Legends coming out this year at Toy Fair. X-Men Age of Apocalypse, GamerVerse: The Avengers, & 20th Anniversary FOX X-Men Movie.

Going into the weekend, we knew the AOA line-up, however we finally got confirmation that Sugar Man will be the Build-a-Figure!

The newest full wave revealed is the GamerVerse wave, which has Kamala Khan, Captain America, & Iron Man from the upcoming Avengers video game, as well as comic versions of Rage, Mach-1, The Leader, & Mar-Vell. This will include a new Abomination Build-a-Figure, also based on the upcoming game

Next up is a full wave of FOX Movie X-Men figures! Logan in jacket, Mystique, & Domino will be available, with Deadpool & Nega Sonic being paired in a 2-Pack. Also in a 2-Pack will be Magneto & Professor X, where each figure will include heads from both generations of the character! These will be out in the fall.

The teaser wave is Venomized series, with only Miles & Spider-Gwen shown off. There will be more on these coming this summer.

As for exclusives, there are studio images for the following figures. If they are available for pre-order, a link is attached:
-Movie Wolverine (Amazon Exclusive)
-Movie Cable (Walmart Exclusive)
-Iron Man 2020 (Walgreens Exclusive)
-Starboost Iron Man (Target Exclusive)
-Venomize Captain America (Walmart Exclusive)

Many of these are now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth

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