Toy Fair 2020: Hasbro Transformers Showroom

Welcome Primates one and all to the Toy Fair 2020 showroom floor round up! Hasbro went all out this year showing an amazing display with Titan Scorponok as the centerpiece. The focus this year was on the new Earthrise line, which continues the War for Cybertron story. Revealed in their full glory were the previously mentioned Scorponok along with new reveals of Arcee, Alicon, and even a Quintesson!

Hasbro also unveiled a trailer for it’s new Netflix War for Cybertron cartoon, which was paired with a new line of Siege repaints. Megatron, Hound, a Decepitcon Mirage, and Sideswipe join a new recruit in Hotlink, a redeco of the Siege Cybertronian seeker mold.

Studio Series didn’t disappoint with our remaining Constructicons needed for Devy and even a Cliffjumper from the BB movie. Think he splits in two?

Enjoy the pics from the showroom floor and check out our other articles for the breakdown of each line!

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