DC Comics Universe & Far Sector #4 Spoilers & Review: More Secrets Of Sojourner Jo Mullein’s Special Green Lantern Ring Revealed & More!

DC Comics Universe and Far Sector #4 Spoilers and Review follows.

More Secrets Of Sojourner Jo Mullein’s…

…Special Green Lantern Ring Revealed and More!

The book opens with a standoff between protestors and the peace division; Green Lantern sides with the protestors against the galactic police that were going to kill them. She buys some time in the dispute with a show of power.

We then learn that while Jo Mullein’s Green Lantern is different than other GLC rings, it is also weaker…

…requiring days to self recharge despite not requiring a battery.

The Green Lantern takes the demands of the protestors to the ruling council.

There she learned that the Council anticipated the murder and the reaction and…

…that is why they request a Green Lantern for help.

Turns out that 12 times over the centuries the people had the same referendum demand and Council’s response was to quell the protestors quickly and violently handling them; we also see that the Green Lantern’s ring is low on energy and will need days to recharge.

The book ends with a look at how Jo Mullein got her ring; she’s on the clock as it were for a year?

The Pulse:

Another gorgeously rendered book, but the plot remains at times inaccessible despite the compelling lead and world. 6 out of 10.

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