Update On Matt Hardy’s Contract Status

On his latest episode of his YouTube series “Thoughts From The Throne,” Matt Hardy has announced that he has let his contract expire with WWE and has become a free agent. He also mentions that he will likely end up back there at some point, as well as thanking HHH and Stephanie, but he wants to get the most he can out of his last few years of in-ring competition. He has thrown several names in the ring including his former employer Impact Wrestling, AEW, ROH, NWA, and NJPW.

Matt also mentioned that the “essence” that made up Broken Matt Hardy, “Zenith,” is expiring today. Because of this, the newest episode of #FreeTheDelete is being postponed to Wednesday(!) at Noon. Today is meant as a remembrance of Zenith instead.

So where do you think that Hardy will go? Leave where you think in the comments!


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Source: Matt Hardy's YouTube Channel