WWE Raw 3/2/20 – Elimination Chamber Go-Home Show

Brock and Heyman start the show off with Paul calling Drew a fraud. Heyman frames Drew up as THE GUY saying that people cheer for him so much because he took out Brock. Brock massacred 15 top stars until he was in the balls by Ricochet and Drew claymored him out to the floor. Drew comes down and stares down Brock, looking taller, tanner, and getting a huge Drew chant. Brock points to the belt and then slyly points to the WM sign so as to not kill his character. He rushes in, but eats a flash claymore kick before Drew nips up. The fans went crazy and the build of Drew is working perfectly so far. Brock walks back defeated and THEN EATS ANOTHER CLAYMORE! Drew vs. Brock is being built up better than anything outside of Edge vs. Orton.

Seth and Murphy face the Street Profits for the tag titles, and the Profits win quickly thanks to KO stunning Seth in the ring and Dawkins pouncing Murphy on the floor before Montez frog splashes Seth to win. Fans threw up their Solo cups and Montez does the Warrior rope shake with the title covering his face – that’s going to get over quickly. Seth cuts a promo on Owens saying he’ll crucify Owens. Ricochet goes from facing Brock for the WWE Title to facing the 24/7 Champion Riddick Moss. Oh Jesus what a way to dial him down as a star. MOSS ACTUALLY BEATS RICOCHET with a modified X-Plex and a face-forward falling neckbreaker.

AJ losing to Taker is shown before he faces Aleister Black. Styles says he should be here with a beautiful trophy but SOMEONE took that away from him. Mark Walhberg appears on the tron and tells him to walk away while plugging his Netflix movie in the background. AJ sets Anderson to go after Black and Anderson eats the Black Mass and that’s it for him. Gallows is up and clubbers him a bit before Anderson and Luke beat him up and Luke takes the L via DQ. AJ lays him out with the forearm and deadman pins him.

Liv Morgan comes out to face Ruby Riott in a Chamber preview. Liv gets a Fujiwara armbar, but Ruby gets the ropes. Ruby cranks the neck and then eats a schoolgirl and loses. Sarah Logan was ref and raised her hand high – so I guess in WWE canon, she and Logan are still pals. Or not, as she then pump kicks Morgan. Goldberg’s Universal Title win was the most-liked WWE photo in the history of Instagram! Rowan gives his creature a giant tarantula. Kairi comes out to replace Asuka to face Shayna. Kairi works babyface against Shayna despite being a heel and eats a foot stomp before schoolgirling her for 1 and Becky comes down with her full intro DURING THE MATCH. Shayna taps her with the Kirafuda clutch while Becky rambles drunkenly. Maybe she had too much of Conor’s whiskey.

Rey cuts a promo for Humberto saying things will end between he and Garza when they want. Garza gets a kiss from a ringside granny. Andrade is back with Vega after being called her ex-associate last week on Raw. Rey and Andrade once again have a great mini-match in the middle of another match, with Rey getting 2 off a deja vu DDT. Garza beats up Rey and that needs to be a big match. Rey hits a double 619 before Humberto’s moonsault ends it and Humberto beats Andrade. Beth comes out to give a health update on Edge before Orton interrupts her and eats an RKO. This was great, as everyone came down to rally behind Beth after it.


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