DC Comics Universe & Superman: Villains #1 Spoilers & Review: Joker Vs. Lex Luthor? Which Super-Villain Turns Super-Hero & Joins Checkmate! Daily Planet To End Over Villain Seeded Story!


DC Comics Universe and Superman: Villains #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Joker Vs. Lex Luthor? Which Super-Villain Turns Super-Hero and Joins Checkmate! Daily Planet To End Over Villain Seeded Story!

So, Superman has revealed himself as Clark Kent and the cover promises a big villains, and perhaps, Legion of Doom interest.

The book includes Batman nemesis the Joker mocking…

…Superman nemesis Lex Luthor over the Superman revelation.

At the end of Superman: Heroes #1 (full spoilers here), Lois Lane and Clark Kent were grappling with secret provided by Lex Luthor that they feel compelled to print, but would bring down the Daily Planet; in this issue they reveal the news to Perry White who concurs with them.

Elsewhere, Mongul rages over Superman pretending to be an insect human and is killed by his son as is the order of things in their family.

Later Supergirl, still infected and part of the Batman Who Laugh’s Secret Six, is upset that Superman exposed his secret to the world which…

…leads into the next issue of Supergirl where she confronts Ma and Pa Kent?

The secret Lex Luthor gave Lois Lane is revealed!

The owner of the Daily Planet, Marisol Leone, is the head of the Invisible Mafia; everyone now knows! Will the Daily Planet cease to publish?

The final big revelation involves the OG Toyman; he turns over a new leaf over the Superman revelation.

He is imprisoned for his crimes, but is recruited by Kingsley Jacobs to…

…join the new Checkmate!

He joins the others revealed for Checkmate in Leviathan Dawn #1 (full spoilers here) ahead of the launch of the Event Leviathan: Checkmate mini-series.

The Pulse:

While the art on most stories’ art was first rate, and it’s nice to see Ma and Pa Kent alive, I found the stories overall meh and the issue felt like filler and less revelatory. 5 out of 10.

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