Marvel Comics Universe & Amazing Spider-Man #41 Spoilers & Review: How Boomerang Becomes Relevant & Classic Team Returns As Sins Rising Looms!

Marvel Comics Universe and Amazing Spider-Man #41 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Boomerang Becomes Relevant and…

… Classic Team Returns…

…As Sins Rising Looms!

The book opens with catching readers up on the Lifeline Tablet that Spider-Man and Boomerang are after.

After some hocus pocus Boomerang gets a super-power that allows him to track down pieces of the tablet.

The find the pieces, but…

…as piece is in the sewers with Vermin (plural).

Kingpin is also after the Lifeline Tablet.

The Vermin are scared off…

…as Kingpin learns that something brought the tablet to where it is…

…and it might be huge and attacking our heroes to end the book?!

There’s also a short back-up story to end the book with its relevance yet to be revealed.

Well it only took two years, but Marvel has reverted to the OG Lethal Legion from the cosmic one that fought the Black Order and rivaled the Avengers in Avengers: No Surrender (spoilers here).

The Pulse:

An entertaining issue with loads of camp and appropriately matching art. 7 out of 10.

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