Marvel Comics Universe & Outlawed #1 Spoilers & Review: What Is The New Status Quo For Super-Heroes Not Old Enough To Imbibe? Civil War III?

Marvel Comics Universe and Outlawed #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

What Is The New Status Quo For…

…Super-Heroes Not Old Enough To Imbibe?

As a result of a disastrous mission by the teen Champions…

…Congress outlaws teens from being vigilantes…

…as Ms. Marvel remains hurt as a result of that battle.

This sounds like the inciting incident, in a fashion, to 2006’s Civil War that was sparked by Nitro exploding, after being engaged by the New Warriors. Nitro killed over 600 people in a town.

Or is it just me?

There was even a Civil War II in 2016.

Next up are a few Outlawed related issues.

The Pulse:

I feel like I’ve read this premise before whether in Civil War as I noted or with X-Men and the Mutant Registration Act, etc. Solid art though and cool covers. 4 out of 10.

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