WWE Raw 3/23/20 Recap

Heyman and Brock are mid-ring with the camera placed towards the entrance ramp with Heyman saying it’s time to be honest – this is an uncertain time. Everyone needs certainty and BROCK LESNAR IS THAT CERTAINTY! Drew can train all he wants, but nothing will prepare him for The Beast. Cue up the Brock vs. Seth vs. Cena match from the 2015 Royal Rumble. A recap of AJ’s issues with Taker are recapped before AJ says he doesn’t care which night the match is on – but AJ says Taker may care because Michelle may not let him out of the house. Karl says that Taker may have had Depnds on while Gallows calls his getup maternity pants. He shows Taker and Michelle with a tiger in their pool before challenging him to a boneyard match – so whatever that is.

Angel Garza and Andrade are interviewed by Charly with Zelina saying she doesn’t look good – she loooks “so”. Andrade and Angel face off with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander, who gets 2 off a slingshot flatliner to Garza. Andrade lands a Judas Effect that Cedric sells as a transitional move, so Andrade has to throw him down to force the pin since it’s the finish. Street Profits do commentary since they’ll face Andrade and Garza at WM for the titles. Profits face Shane Thorne and Vink with Dawkins landing some nice pounces and suplexes. Big frog splash ends it. Truth is shown beating Riddick Moss for the 24/7 Title. Shayna says she will take the title at WM and destroy Becky. Aleister Black destroys a jobber with Black Mass and ends it quickly.

Seth and KO have a face-off with Seth going for subtle acting for a change and making his point far better – KO has no chance even with the home field edge. Asuka vs. Charlotte is shown from WM 34. Orton comes out and says that Edge can write the story, but at WM, he’ll write the last chapter and take Edge’s career from him once again. That should probably headline night one of WM as it’s one of the best-built matches on the event and it gives Edge yet another “WrestleMania Main Event’ to his record.

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