Marvel Comics Universe & X-Men / Fantastic Four #3 Spoilers & Review: BIGGEST Threat To Dawn Of X Revealed In Build To Doctor Doom Vs. Magneto Over Franklin Richards!

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Marvel Comics Universe and X-Men / Fantastic Four #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

BIGGEST Threat To Dawn Of X Revealed In Build To…

…Doctor Doom Vs. Magneto Over Franklin Richards!

The X-Men are chasing the Fantastic Four who infiltrated Krakoa looking for Franklin and Valeria Richards.

X-Men shoot down the FF and they all are greeted by Doctor Doom on Doom Island to tells them he is helping Franklin getting an Omega Level mutant again; his non-mutant sister Valeria is along for the journey.

Franklin’s parents work to convince him to come home…

…but he wants to stay to see what Doom can do for him!

An Easter Egg extra in the book shows that the Krakoa and Doom Island neighbor each other.

To Reed Richards dismay, the science that Doctor Doom is using to help Franklin is sound.

We then get a confrontation between Professor X and Doctor Doom where readers, I think, root for Doom over Xavier’s perceived arrogance.

Elsewhere, the X-Men including Magneto and Sue Richards discover that there are mutants who may be kept on Doom Island against their will.

That revelation leads to a confrontation with Doombots, but they aren’t robots any longer; they appear to be mutants in armor?!

Well, a Doombot mutant is dead causing Doctor Doom to unleash his ultimate weapons; Doombots fused with Sentinel technology!

The Pulse:

An action-packed issue with awesome art and wicked cliffhanger. 9 out of 10.

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