DC Comics Universe & Suicide Squad #4 Spoilers & Review: Harley Quinn Must Decide If She’s Dead Or In With Deadshot & The New Crew’s Coup?

DC Comics Universe and Suicide Squad #4 Spoilers and Review follows.

Harley Quinn Must Decide If She’s Dead Or In With…

…Deadshot and The New Crew’s Coup?

The book begins to conclude with Harley Quinn chatting with Deadshot…

…about whether she should join the planned coup over Lok who has taken over for Amanda Waller with Task Force X.

She decides she will and its good thing because the newbies would have killed her otherwise.

The book more literally ends with the next target of the Suicide Squad, alumnus Captain Boomerang, confronting the team and…

…taking down its new speedster Jog!

An ending spoiled by the Suicide Squad #5 solicitation and main cover that has been out for months.

The Pulse:

A roller-coaster of an issue with action and intrigue along with decent art. 7 out of 10.

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