Marvel Comics Universe & X-Men #9 Spoilers & Review: Dawn Of X Begins Pandemic’d Easter Celebrations With The Brood & Threat Of The King Egg?!

Marvel Comics Universe and X-Men #9 Spoilers and Review follows.

Dawn Of X Begins Pandemic’d Easter Celebrations With…

…The Brood and…

…Threat Of The King Egg?!

The Brood are swarming the X-Men…

…we learn about how they were duped by the Accusers…

…yet they are still dangerous predators.

However, they all suddenly stop.

The hive mind conveying to them that the object of their desire, their protection, the King Egg is…

…no more at the hands and mouth of Broo!

The book ends with more on what the King Egg is was.

Curious who Broo is? Marvel DB has you covered:

      Broo is a mutant of the Brood race, born in the lab on the orbital research station known as Pandora’s Box, where S.W.O.R.D. studied his race

The Pulse:

A fun issue with lots of action, suspense and drama. Solid art. Did I say it was fun already? 9 out of 10.

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