Rifftrax Offers Unriffed Movie Starring Flash Gordon For This Weekend

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You might know that Rifftrax features several members of Mystery Science Theater 3000 providing commentary for major motion pictures. They still bring their cutting edge wit and perspective that made the original show such a cult hit. But for the next 48 hours their website will be offering up an unriffed movie for your stuck at home pleasure. Axcellerator brings together the stars of Flash Gordon, Blade Runner, Dynasty, Grease 2 and America’s Next Top Model. You can have a fresh movie night on your sofa instead of rewatching Tiger King again. Here’s the press release from Rifftrax so you can see Axcellerator tonight:


RiffTrax and Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans will get a sneak peek of the new indy sci-fi / action movie “Axcellerator” by Director David Giancola, whose film “Time Chasers” and many others have been staples of the channels. Fans will have exclusive access to stream the movie for free on the RiffTrax Streaming Service for a limited time on Friday, April 10th and Saturday, April 11th. The movie will also premiere on the RiffTrax Twitch channel at 5 PM Pacific Friday, with an encore matinee on Saturday and 12:30 PM Pacific at twitch.tv/RiffTrax

Axcellerator”, which is also available for rent and purchase on Amazon has been called “Zingy, humorous, and inspired 80s-style fun”, and “An indie gem with its heart lodged in the 80s” by critics. The movie is chock-full of 80s stars like Sam J. Jones (“Flash Gordon”, “Ted”) Sean Young (“Blade Runner”, “No Way Out”, “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “Stripes“), John James (“Dynasty”), and Maxwell Caulfield (“Grease 2”). “Axcellerator” has garnered awards and praise at numerous film festivals including Sitges and the Boston, London, and Austin science-fiction festivals.
Edgewood Studios opted to forego releasing in movie theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is distributing the film early to digital platforms such as Amazon and others. Giancola says this is the company’s “Thank You” to fans to help alleviate “Extreme Self-Quarantine Boredom.” “The guys at RiffTrax and I actually have a great relationship and we decided to partner up their platform and my new movie and give back something to the fans who have been so loyal to us,” said Giancola. “It’s the first time they have ever released a new movie un-riffed, (After five riffed movies, I think I earned the one break this time). But seriously, we know everyone could use some fun, escapist entertainment right now more than ever”.

Axcellerator” is the story of a car thief who stumbles onto a teleportation device and the girl of his dreams. They soon find themselves being chased across the globe by the F.B.I., the C.I.A., and a rogue assassin – all of whom want the device at any cost. To stay alive, they must discover the device’s secret before they’re caught. The invention of the century takes them on an adventure of a lifetime in the film which Director Giancola describes as “a bit of ‘Back To The Future’ meets, like ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ – on a waaaay smaller budget”. The film’s cast also includes young newcomers Ryan Wesen and Laura James (“America’s Next Top Model”, CBS’s “S.W.A.T”).

Giancola is known worldwide from the cult success of his first feature “Time Chasers”, which was given a major boost by being featured first on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the 90s and then RiffTrax in 2016. He has directed and produced over 35 feature films since 1989 and has allowed many of them to be fodder for RiffTrax, of which he professes to be a fan. “I am really excited to be able to share our film with RiffTrax audiences first” reflected Giancola, “these fans really ‘get’ genre movies and are really passionate about them”. “We hope they have just as much fun watching it as we had making it!”. To see the film viewers must go to RiffTrax.com or twitch.tv/RiffTrax on April 10th and 11th, or to Amazon for streaming rental or purchase thereafter.

His latest film, Axcellerator https://www.rifftrax.com/axcellerator was preparing for a busy festival season and limited theatrical debut until movie theaters turned off their popcorn machines.

Giancola wanted to give MSTies and RiffTrax fans a FREE 48-Hour Sneak Peek of his new film on RiffTrax RiffTrax.com/Axcellerator before the release for rental and sale on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Axcellerator-Sam-J-Jones/dp/B086QCN1HJ



When a car thief stumbles onto a teleportation device and the girl of his dreams, the invention of the century takes them on an adventure of a lifetime.




Dane Holloway (RYAN WESEN) was going to steal one last car before he quit forever. But when the SUV he steals is hijacked by Tomas, a frantic inventor (WOODY KEPPEL “Icebreaker”) he finds himself being chased by the the Miami police, the F.B.I., and even the C.I.A.

Trapped by gunfire, Tomas passes the device he was attempting to steal to Dane, who is teleported right into the arms of Kate (LAURA JAMES “America’s Next Top Model”). She could be the girl of his dreams except for the global conspiracy he has just embroiled her in. Plus, the stolen teleportation device, code named Axcellerator, seems to have a mind of it’s own.

Ray Moritz (MAXWELL CAULFIELD “Grease 2”, “007:Nightfire“) of the F.B.I. wants to destroy it, while Amanda Graham (SEAN YOUNG “Blade Runner 2049”, “The Alienist”) wants a weapon for the C.I.A. Unfortunately, rogue agent Sy Devol (JOHN JAMES “Dynasty”) has his own sinister plans. Sy unleashes a methodical assassin, Brink (SAM J. JONES “Flash Gordon”, “Ted 2”) who leaves a trail of corpses behind him while pursuing the Axcellerator.

To stay alive, Dane and Kate race to discover the Axcellerator’s secret. The invention of the century will take them on a chase across the globe – and on the adventure of a lifetime.

Festival Reactions
“Axcellerator conjures up the pure joy of the action cinema of the 80s, like the unsuspected gem you discovered on the shelves of the video store.”
– Bears Rebecca Fonté, OtherWorld Austin
“Axcellerator is sheer joy with an infectious sense of fun”
-Projected Figures
“Zingy, humorous, and inspired 80’s-style fun with a cast likability that’s off the charts!”
-Flickering Myth
“An exhilarating roller-coaster ride reminiscent of 80’s blockbusters – a new classic”
-Sci-Fi London
“A great piece of escapist entertainment that you really can bring the whole family to.”
-Patrick McArdle Popcorn Preview
“A fun, crowd pleaser with sly winks to the 80s.”
“There is a thing called ”regional cinema”. It’s where indie filmmakers band together to make films outside of Hollywood. Axcellerator is one of those, and to make it better, it’s a fun, crowd pleaser with knowing winks to the classic films of the 80s.”
“An indie gem with its heart lodged in an 80’s world of classic films.”
-Garen Daly
Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
“Axcellerator” leans into it’s genre and delivers a breezy, fun, and wildly entertaining time!”
-Jay Sabataso
Austin Times Argus & Herald
“There is one thing that you can always expect from a Giancola film and that’s fun.”
-Dom Cioffi Boston Globe

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