WWE Raw 4/20/20 – Drew vs. Garza

Drew comes out and says hey to all the cool cats and kittens before a graphic says he’s Universal Champion. Drew’s victory over Anrade is shown before we find out he’ll face Angel Garza in the main event. We get a weird expository promo where he talks to the camera as he’s yammering on before he challenges Rollings for MITB. Garza and Zelina come out and Drew says she’s a thorn in his ass and Garza’s theme has been remixed terribly. She says Drew is looking past Garza before Andrade takes him out, but then Drew lands a pair of claymores on Andrade.

Aleister Black faces Austin Theory in Theory’s best match on WWE TV period. He didn’t look nearly as green as usual, but still fell to the Black Mass. Shayna is shown taking out Logan last week. Shayna then destroys a jobber whlie Byron says that Shayna will have ALL THE LADDERS IN THE WORLD to destroy people with. Shayna shoot spinebusters her down, knees her and the stomp to the arm ends it via ref stoppage. Ricochet and Cedric defeat Vink and Shane Thorne in a fun showcase match. Recoil into the lumbar check ends it. Kabuki Warriors cut a promo on Nia Jax before Asuka boogies off-screen.

Nia carelessly throws Kairi around and beats her with the Samoan drop. Seth accepts the MITB challenge in a very echoey throne room in his home. Viking Raiders do carpool karaoke badly. I don’t know what their main roster characters are supposed to be, but that doesn’t seem to be it. MVP comes out to face Apollo Crews in an MITB qualifier. MVP says he isn’t a stranger to jets and big money deals because now he’s back and he’ll be in the ladder match. MVP loses quickly to a the torture rack powerbomb. Ruby Riott takes credit for the Riott Squad and says she’ll break Liv’s arms tonight. Liv beats her quickly with a slingshot flatliner off the second rope.

A Fink graphic airs and we see Lashley working out with tires. Murphy’s out to face Rey in an MITB qualifier. Murphy overpowers Rey throughout much of the match and uses a DVD onto the knee, kamigoye, and a sliding brainbuster for 2.9. Rey hits a destroyer, a 619, and a drop of the dime ends it. Charlotte beats Kayden Carter quickly with the figure 8, but won’t break the hold. So I think she is now, officially a heel after months of being impossible to like. Lashley once again works out with a tire and now wants to move a 420 pound tire. Andrade beats Tozawa quickly with a draping hammerlock DDT.

Street Profits come out to do commentary as Bianca Belair beats a jobber. Buckle alley oop leads to the modified burning hammer that even her husband doesn’t call by its name. Drew faces Garza in an all-too-short match. Garza avoids the inverted Alabama slam, but eats the claymore to end it and then he hits a post-math claymore. Drew wants more challengers from her and he’ll keep taking them out. I dig this little sub-story and then he claymores Theory and does the tranqilo pose on the belt on the ramp. They’re doing all they can to fast-track Drew’s finish and his act as top-shelf.

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