As #Creators4Comics Wraps Up For The U.S., #Canucks4Comics Kicks Off For Canadian Comic Book Retailors Hurt By Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic!

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As #Creators4Comics Wraps Up For The U.S., #Canucks4Comics Kicks Off For Canadian Comic Book Retailors Hurt By Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic!

Comics Legends Legal Defence Fund (CLLDF) news release.

CLLDF further announces:




      Creators/people run their own individual auction on Twitter under the hashtag #Canucks4Comics.

      Twitter users scroll through the auction items under the hashtag and reply to individual item threads to place bids. Post bids on the original item thread only (no bids on quote-tweets or retweets).

      TIP: Click on the original tweet to open up the thread under the item to see what others are bidding.



      Anyone can host an auction if they use the hashtag #Canucks4Comics and require the winning bidder to donate the auction amount to the COMIC LEGENDS LEGAL DEFENSE FUND (CLLDF).

      You don’t need an invitation to post an auction. Everyone is welcome to participate!

      – Each creator/person hosting an auction will create a tweet for each item, service, event, or experience they are donating. Each item must be listed in a separate tweet. The tweet should include a photo of the item or a supporting image if possible, auction end time (April 29, 2020 @ 12 PM EST), opening bid amount for valuable items, and the hashtag #Canucks4Comics.
      – Please let us know if you are auctioning an item by tweeting to us at @CLLDF so we can promote your auction!
      – Twitter users reply directly to that tweet with their bid with the currency being of your country of residence. Bidding continues on that thread (in increments of $1 dollar or more) until the auction end time.
      – When the auction ends, the person hosting the auction will message the highest bidder on the auction thread to confirm the winner.
      – The highest bidder should make their donation directly to the CLLDF. Winner must provide a donation receipt to the auction host in the form of a confirmation email from the CLLDF (or a screenshot of the email).
      – When proof of donation has been received, the person hosting the auction will let the winner know when they will ship the item (allowing for regional provisions during the pandemic) or the date and time the online/virtual event will take place.



      Creators are raising money for Canadian comic shops in a #Canucks4Comics auction!
      • Follow the hashtag.
      • Like an item? Make a bid in the author’s replies.
      • Closes April 29, 2020, @ 12 PM EST.
      • Winner donates to the CLLDF!

      Win (SPECIFIC ITEM) to benefit #Canucks4Comics.
      • Bid by replying to tweet (specify INTL or US only AND state the opening bid amount for particularly valuable items).
      • Auction closes April 29th, at 12 PM EST.
      • If you win, donate directly to CLLDF.


      TIP 1:

      Bookmark the tweets you place bids on so you can easily check to see if you are outbid.

      TIP 2:

      Or write down the username of the accounts you place bids on. To look them up, type our hashtag (#Canucks4Comics) + from: USERNAME into the Twitter search bar.

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