Escape The Night, Tabletop, Sagas Of Sundry & Spellslingers Writer / Director Crowdfunds The Eighth! Edgy & Gut-wrenching OGN Determined To End The World Or Save It! Fantastical & Full Of Twists!

Escape The Night, Tabletop, Spellslingers and Sagas Of Sundry Writer / Director Crowdfunds The Eighth! Edgy & Gut-wrenching OGN Determined To End The World Or Save It!

The campaign details are below.

      The Eighth – Comics

      Edgy and gut-wrenching graphic novel determined to end the world or save it!

      This Dream Has Been Years In The Makings!

      And it seems like no better time to launch a story about what could be the end of the world, than during a once in a lifetime pandemic.

      I’m the writer/director of YouTube Originals hit series Escape the Night, not to mention Tabletop, Spellslingers and Sagas of Sundry. Despite my time working in TV, I have been dreaming up this story and wanting to bring it to life through comics. The place where my love for visual storytelling started (and still lives).

      The Eighth is the epic and painful story of teenagers, David Wells and Emma Adachi, who unlock a piece of ancient living armor and then, like all of us at that age, don’t know how to control its power and end up killing someone. Before they know it, they find themselves on a terrifying journey to change or destroy the world, with no going back.

      Math is the language David uses to command the living piece of armor to take different shapes. Numbers are his true super power. The armor once belonged to the 8th Sage of the Sumerian world. The other seven were responsible for the flood that cleansed the earth four thousand years ago. An event interested parties would like to see happen again.

      David, Emma, and their childhood friend Atticus leave their hometown in ruins and scramble across the world searching for the missing pieces of the armor and themselves. In time, they realize they want different things and when they discover they’re not only the harbingers of the end, but the ones with the power to stop it they’re forced to turn on each other.

      The series is hard-hitting, fantastical and full of twists. All brought to life by the amazing art of JORIN EVERS, my storyboard artist and longtime creative collaborator. Without him, I’m afraid this story would be just an idea.

      We Need Your Help!!

      For almost two years, Jorin and I have slaved away on the pages completing five of the eight issues and given away all of our free time. With your contributions, we can take this across the finish and deliver into your hands, in stunning glossy print, the 200-page story of David, the 8th and his misfit friends.

      You Get A Digital Issue Every Month!

      Because we have five issues completed already…

      Every backer, the month after the campaign closes, will get issue #1 digitally and the next month issue #2 and so on like you were collecting them at your local comic shop. This gives us enough lead time to finish the final three and by the time you have all eight issues, the print order will have been sent overseas.

      Talk about satisfaction! No waiting. You get to jump into the story right away. Worth it.

There’s a lot more on the campaign here including cool preview pages and perks.

To support the campaign visit here.

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