Fans Of Thundercats, Masters Of The Universe, Conan, Gargoyles, Sectaurs & More Rejoice! The Dragon Guard Is Crowdfunding & Already At Almost 170% Over Goal With Over 25 Days Left!

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Fans Of Thundercats, Masters Of The Universe, Conan, Gargoyles, Sectaurs and More Rejoice! The Dragon Guard Is Crowdfunding and Already At Almost 170% Over Goal With Over 25 Days Left!

More on the campaign below.

      The Dragon Guard

      A jaw dropping tale of fantasy inspired by cartoons of the 80s and epic comics of the 90s!

      DragonGuard Artist Kevin Sharpe here

      I’d like to Introduce you to Dragon Guard. Before I do, I want to tell you about myself. I’m a 25 year veteran of the comics Industry. I’ve worked for Marvel , DC , Dynamite Entertainment, Image , Crossgen, and IDW for starters. I’ve drawn some of the most popular characters in comics, From Thor, to Xtreme Xmen, to Black panther and Generation X and Nova as well as Legion of SuperHeroes, Man of Steel, Katana – Shazam, and Arsenal. I’ve even drawn cult faves like Vampirella and Army of darkness.

      One of my biggest passions, is Fantasy, BIG , BOLD, 80’s cartoon Fantasy. Beyond anything I’ve ever drawn, DragonGuard is a love letter to that era of Fantasy—like Thundercats, Masters of the universe, Visionaries, Conan, Gargoyles, Sectaurs, and Dungeon and Dragons. I want to show you what I can do , and you’ll see from the art, that this is my best looking work EVER.

      Are you let down by the big two? Tired of your favorite books being bogged down by stories that are less and less about good comics and more about agendas????

      I am too. That’s what DragonGuard is here for …the Fans!!

      What is DRAGONGUARD?

      On the faraway planet of Mysterra, an ancient evil arises that threatens the cosmos. A long forgotten order of mystic warriors called the DragonGuard return to find, protect, and train the heralded sword bearer…….the teenage son of a humble blacksmith!

      DragonGuard is a 60 page, full color, Epic Fantasy comic, that’s a love letter to the fantasy cartoons of the glorious 80’s. If you love Thundercats, He-man, Visionaries, Conan, Sectaurs or Gargoyles or if you miss the bombastic excitement of 90’s comics like Pitt, Wildcats or BATTLE CHASERS, then this comic is FOR YOU!!

      I NEED YOU!

      To make this comic a reality, I need BACKERS and that means you.

      While I can draw this book, I can’t pay for everything to produce it. I can give you highly detailed pencils, but I can’t pay for colors , letters, production costs, and printing.

      When you back the book, and select from perks, you help fund these costs, so I can give you the most exciting art I can wring from these hands.

      You can see throughout the campaign examples of my pencils, inking, and the color work in the book….REAL EXAMPLES. Not promotional art, not proposed art…THE ACTUAL COMIC ART. What you see, is what I have ready, and what YOU CAN TRUST you will get.

      Joining me on this book is my creative team.

      My creative team includes:

      Loren Bobbitt–My editor and co-writer. She’s the creator, writer and artist of Unconquered on Webtoons.

      Alonso Espinoza–the main colorist for the book. He does Amazing work . You see it right before your eyes. I want vibrant colors because I want kids to love this too and Alonso delivers!!!

      Eric Weathers- He letters Everything. He also has a book called Flying Fortress.

      Bob Stone –Logo man and main production guy for the book. He worked on Jaw Breakers.

      …and Me–Ill be drawing and Inking mostly everything.

Here’s some more art.

To support the campaign and to see even more art and information visit here.

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