DC Comics Universe & Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 Spoilers: It All Matters As Post DiDio Plans For 2021 Have Changed! Plus Teaser & Preview Pages!

DC Comics Universe and Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 Spoilers follows.

It All Matters As Post DiDio Plans For 2021 Have Changed! Plus Teaser and Preview Pages!

The below builds on with what writer Scott Snyder has said before: “This is a story we’ve been building for three years – we pitched it when we pitched Dark Nights: Metal. It brings a lot of threads together to give what we hope will be the epic ending of one era of DC comics and the equally epic start to a new one…

Snyder also spoke with DoG and below are some highlights and teaser art.

All continuity matters particularly the last 35 years dating back to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The motto of the whole event is it all matters. It’s built on years and years of DC history in a way that we wanted to honor and touch upon so many classic stories that we love that we felt deserve to be celebrated at this moment. And ones from the present as well that we thought could use more impact on the main line, from Crisis on Infinite Earths all the way to Doomsday Clock. So it brings a lot of things together to try and show why these characters matter more than ever right now.

Nature matters.

[In the first issue] the world has literally been remade by the Batman Who Laughs. He uses Terra and the Red and the Green through Swamp Thing in his capturing of the Parliament [of Trees], [and] physically remade the Earth to almost look like a deformed bat in its continents. He has different territories that are ruled over by different Batmen and their wards, who are superheroes trying to find a way out of the situation and fight back.

Wonder Woman takes charge of… continuity?

Death Metal is our Wonder Woman story… it was built around this idea that Wonder Woman has been a voice on multiple fronts for the truth about the DCU, about the true nature of the quest that Justice League is on, all of it.

There are stories that are forgotten and there are moments that are self-important that don’t address the past. And then, there are also moments that are too slavishly indebted to the past in ways that leapfrog other eras and so on. [Death Metal is] about Wonder Woman being the one to lead us forward in a way that’s bold but also built on a warrior and general’s understanding of those who came before and the stories that came before.

The plans for 2020 and beyond changes after DiDio’s exit.

DC changed first. Dan [DiDio, former co-publisher of DC] left, and on top of that, the line changed in terms of what we were planning after 2020… Everything has been fluid, but [Death] Metal has stayed what it was. The only thing that changed is the context. And what changed when the landscape for DC changed on the other side of it, and when editorial changed with Dan exiting, was just that we no longer had to be constrained by any timeframe of what was going to happen on the other side at all, so we got to expand.

Here’s a look at Dark Nights: Death Metal #1.

This is on top of other pages that have been teased.

Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 is now out on June 16, 2020.

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