WWE Raw 5/18/20 Recap – Lashley vs. Drew Build Intensifies

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A recap of Becky leaving to be a mother airs alongside clips of her rise to the top. Orton and Edge talk about making each other better before Edge tells Orton to shut up because he’s never had a career-ending injury. He doesn’t love THE SPORT like he does. A recap airs of Rey being taken out by Seth  before Seth and Murphy comes out, with the latter in new stained glass-patterned gear. Seth cuts a long, boring promo about taking out Rey when he was in a dark place – and Humberto comes out to defend Rey’s honor and while Seth isn’t dressed to compete, Murphy is. We get a quick match with a knee shot and a Murphy’s Law ending it. So I wouldn’t expect Carrillo to be in the US Title mix again. Murphy fights with Black for a bit before the heels bail.

King Corbin complains about terrible conditions over on Raw – he’s THE KING DAMMIT and he shouldn’t have to get his own food. Charlotte buries Bayley for not being the proper level of champion and then buries Ruby Riott for having an opinion about her. They have a clunky match with Ruby getting above-jobber offense and Flair catches the Riott kick and wins with the figure eight. Lashley is about to be interviewed before MVP asks him what would happen if Lashley got the full nelson on the WWE Champion – but I guess he’s happy with his other trophies and he wants Lashley to free Lashley. The Viking Raiders/Profits basketball stuff is shown before we get axe throwing. They arrive and are scared by vikings.

Kairi does a big intro for Asuka’s celebration and then plays the recorder while Asuka dances. Nia interrupts and gets her ass kicked. Corbin says that he’ll take the title from Drew at Mania next year. Lashley faces Truth, who turns into Pretty Ricky and still taps to the full nelson. Lana looks on angrily and acts in a horrible manner breaking a TV. IIconics face Bliss and Cross and the heels get DQed for kicking too much ass. Kairi’s backstage with her recorder before Nia beats her up. Peyton and Billie argue and Billie slaps her and they hug. TREMENDOUS, MORE TERRIBLE ACTING ON WWE TV.

WWE gives itself credit for being amazing with The Last Ride docu-series. Nia and Asuka brawl backstage. Nattie faces Shayna and taps to the Kirafuda clutch quickly. Nattie is pissed at the loss as they set up the KO Show and throws a chair around. Zelina’s team fights backstage before coming out on the KO Show and Zelina saying that KO wants a Jerry Springer moment. A JERRY SPRINGER MOMENT in 2020. Apollo and KO beat Garza and Andrade due to Theory, and then they beat up Theory. Street Profits are all awkward at the axe throwing area. Aleister Black and Murphy have a match before Austin Theory comes down to help Seth out and he attacks Black. Okay, so he goes from being just a dude in Zelina’s group to now being a featured player on Raw – hopefully he’s up for the challenge.

Profits do great at axe throwing before the cops arrive and then Dawkins throws it backwards and nails it. And then it’s just time for an Apollo Crews backstage interview. The cops interview the guys and one is female and turned on by Hanson. Drew and Corbin have their match with Corbin bringing back Bossman’s run under the ropes into the ring lariat, but Drew ducks the lariat and lands a claymore to end it. Lashley stares him down with MVP by his side on the ramp to set up Backlash. The problem with this match is it’s happening too soon to believe Lashley will win and thus hurts the MVP/Lashley pairing by putting a sub-main event ceiling on it already.