WWE Raw 5/25/20 Recap – Memorial Day Show


We start off with a Memorial day video and then shots of the crowd behind plexiglass. Jessamyn rocks out to the KO Show intro. Then Asuka, Nia, Nattie, and Charlotte come out for a parade of nothing promos before a brawl. Apollo faces Andrade for the US Title and after months of him beating Rey and taking out Carrillo, Andrade just loses to Crews with the press slam/moonsault/SSP combo. Crews cuts a good post-match promo about believing in himself and say to the world that he is the champion. Seth cuts a rambling promo on Rey to set up Carrillo and Black facing Theory and Murphy.

Asuka and Charlotte bicker backstage and Asuka says red isn’t Charlotte’s color. The IIconics come out to ramble for a bit before Bliss/Cross come down and Nikki puts Lexi over as someone who helps keep her focused while she’s shown Lexi what friendship is. A brawl breaks out and the heels stand tall. MVP interviews Drew and sets a trap, but Drew claymores MVP. It’s amazing how much less of a jobber MVP feels now just eating finishes than he did a decade ago jobbing all the time. Garza clips the knee of Owens and he wins with the Wing Clipper in his biggest win to date in WWE.

Wacky skit time with the Viking Raiders and Street Profits playing golf. The Profits win and MVP gets an ice pack for his jaw. Theory takes out Carrillo with the ATL/TKO and Seth threatens the eye of Carrillo after the match. Edge cuts a nice ECW-esque promo about self-doubt and having to overcome all of it at Backlash. MVP meets with the Profits and tells them to bring the smoke. Nia wins the triple threat match against Nattie and Charlotte as she hits a legdrop to Charlotte during the figure 8 and pins Nattie with a Samoan drop.

Gronk cuts a 24/7 Title promo and says he can fight anytime, any place. We get a weird Skype promo from Flair about The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever at Backlash. Flair picks Orton to win thanks to Evolution – tying everything together nicely, but sounding horrible. Liv talks about struggling with her self-worth, but she’s alive! Rey’s retirement ceremony is hyped up from Seth’s perspective as the Profits come out to face Lashley and MVP. MVP DOESN’T LOSE and Lashley beats Ford…but instead gets DQed. Really now? Drew and Lashley brawl for a bit and Drew gets all marked up from stiff shots. Good brawl, but a really weak show overall even if the vibe was better with the crowd.

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