WWE Raw 6/1/20 Recap – Drew vs. MVP

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Seth starts off the show saying he’s set out to retire Rey and then rambles on for seemingly ages in a monotone about Rey being a sacrifice. A Rey highlight reel airs before we see Seth take his eye out and then Aleister Black comes down to fight on behalf of his MENTOR REY MYSTERIO. Ok sure. They have a solid match with Aleister definitely coming off like a bigger star due to it. Black hits a big running knee, but the goons lead to a distraction beating down Carrillo and Black Oklahoma rolls Seth to win. Well, the win itself should help – but it being off a distraction hurts that. Stomp to Humberto and Black.

Apollo’s title win is covered before we see Garza backstage in new, top guy-looking gear. HBK hypes up the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever at Backlash. MVP talks with Lana about her holding back Lashley before KO and Apollo have a match that is interrupted mid-way through by Vega’s team – leading to, of course, an impromptu tag match! Crews beats Andrade with the rack bomb and cements his dominance over Andrade. Asuka says she’ll beat anyone and then dances.

The Profits vs. Viking Raiders issues are recapped before more “comedy” with them bowling. Kay beats Nikki Cross with a sitout spinebuster. Drew cuts a promo on Lashley before Rey and Dominick cut a  promo about Seth being full of BS! Nia cuts a promo on Asuka for Becky giving her the title due to hormones and then destroys Kairi and slices her head by carelessly throwing her into the steps and beats her with a terrible legdrop. Ugh. Truth beats Gronk at his home to regain his 24/7 Title.  Asuka runs her off.

Charlotte, THE BABYFACE, cuts a promo about being on her throne to make everyone else bow down. Charlotte and Asuka have a match until Nia comes out in Asuka’s garb and Charlotte wins by countout. MVP loses to Drew in a couple minutes to the countdown claymore before Lashley gets the full nelson on Drew. Well now he’s doomed – he gained momentum before the PPV.