DC Comics Universe & Batman / Superman #9 Spoilers & Review: Classic Justice Society Of America (JSA) Villain Behind Latest Atomic Catastrophe?

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DC Comics Universe and Batman / Superman #9 Spoilers and Review follows.

Classic Justice Society Of America (JSA) Villain…

…Behind Latest Atomic Catastrophe?

Well, Superman villain has attacked Gotham City unwillingly and teases a big bad is after Superman through Batman and then…

…presumably dues after exploding and taking a major part of Gotham City with him; an ending spoiled by the main cover of this issue.

Superman rescues him and…

…they share notes what’s going on as…

…the Ultra-Humanite is revealed…

…as the big bad behind all this; he’s running out of time and…

…has an Atomic Skull army at his beck and call?!

An ending spoiled by the main cover to Batman/Superman #10.

Curious who the Ultra-Humanite is / was?

Above is a classic Who’s Who bio for him followed by the updated classic, both from the 1980s, for you to peruse.

He was also the main villain behind the opening Generations arc of the classic Infinity Inc. series featuring the next generation of heroes and heroines from the JSA lineage.

The two part HCs of that sage are highly recommended by me; the early Jerry Ordway art is amazing as is Roy Thomas the storyline.

The Pulse:

Fun art style and intriguing opening arc issue. Curious about Ultra-Humanite’s plan. Covers to this issue and next issue spoil big elements of the book; so “boo” DC editorial. 7 out of 10.

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