WWE Raw 6-8-20 Recap – Backlash Go-Home Show

In six days, WWE will aim to have the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever – but certainly not the greatest go-home show ever, as we have a decathlon between the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders. Asuka comes down and then Bayley and Sasha are down because they’re tag champs and can work on any brand. Sasha and Bayley insult her, but The Queen saves Asuka. They bring up Charlotte losing the title, but she doesn’t seem to care – so why should fans? Then the revolving door promo involves the IIconics and they say words and do their pose. Asuka rants in Japanese leading to of course, a triple threat tag match.

Charlotte and Asuka get into a one-upsmanship contest and Charlotte tells her to watch – so Asuka tags herself in and taps Billie with the Asuka Lock. Charlotte and Asuka fight and Charlotte holds the title held high – well this sure builds up a singles match later tonight instead of the MITB title match. Seth’s reign of terror on Rey is shown before Seth and his boring theme come down to insult Rey. He says he will give Rey one more chance – and Rey is pissed at Seth’s demand to see them at Raw. Austin Theory and Murphy face off with Black and Carrillo. Carrillo steamrolls Theory with a dive, while Black and Murphy have a great series until Black KOs him with Black Mass before Seth jumps the faces.

Orton cuts a promo with Charly about having the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever and he asks if Edge is the only guest on the Peep Show. I love Orton predicting, maybe, a second guess. Christian comes down with Edge and Christian tells him that they’re setting lofty expectations and he loves him, but he can’t live up to that. Christian tells him that one big major component is missing in theory and that bugs ADAM – his mother, but his mother will be there in spirit and he needs to go home if he can’t bring it at Backlash. Orton tells him that Edge says HE’LL TRY – and that’s pathetic, and his redemption ends on Sunday. This was great and once again, the build-up to Edge-Orton is great.

MVP and Truth yammer before Lashley full nelsons Truth. Street Profits-Raiders comedy with running, swords, archery, and of course, dancing to HBK’s theme with Montez while Hanson dances to Fandango’s theme. Hanson picks another local hottie and the teams go 5-5. So this should in theory lead to a tie-breaker at Backlash. Apollo Crews says he’s excited to face the winner of Garza, Andrade, and Kevin Owens at Backlash. It’s basically a handicap match until Zelina’s boys brawl and they knock her down. Garza and Andrade chop each other down before Andrade steals the pin on Garza to get the title shot.

Charlotte cuts a bitchy promo about being the best and being THE WOMAN. Charlotte says that she elevated the NXT Women’s title and now she’s main eventing Raw. Asuka dances in, Charlotte insults her, and gets slapped. Drew talks to the Raiders and wants them to party with him .MVP and Drew go back and forth on the VIP Lounge before we get the Profits and the Raiders coming down. Lashley and MVP face the Raiders and Lashley looks like a beast tossing around Rowe and especially Hanson, before tapping Rowe with the full nelson. Hanson takes down MVP before also eating the full nelson. The Street Profits help the Raiders out before Drew claymores Lashley, who goes to the ramp.

Asuka and Charlotte have a solid match, with Asuka getting a grounded octopus before Charlotte breaks free. Charlotte spears her down and gets 2. Asuka high kicks her before Nia Jax comes down and Asuka attacks her, but Charlotte mafia kicks Asuka to pin her. Nia beats up Asuka and hits the Samoan drop to close out the show. Well, Asuka’s retaining to build up another Charlotte match – but most of this show just didn’t click. They’ve got something with the Orton-Edge match and the Andrade-Garza split, but nearly everything else is hurt by the company overthinking things.

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