What The World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – February 7, 1995

The Pitbulls & Jason the Terrible’s match against the Young Dragons & Hack Myers at Double Tables is shown, along with the post-match festivities where Myers gave Angel a piledriver.

Chris Benoit’s great match against Al Snow at Doubles Tables is shown.

Narrated pictures of the tables match between the Public Enemy and Sabu and the Tazmaniac air. The production of disorienting since they keep Styles’ original commentary and the pictures cannot keep up with what he says. However, ECW likely aired it this way so that fans would buy the VHS copy of the show. Fans do get to see Chris Benoit’s post-match superbomb of Sabu through a table, though.

After the last match airs, Chris Benoit delivers a taped promo about how he is not happy that people are telling him that he cannot permanently put Sabu on the shelf. He promises that Sabu and the Tazmaniac will soon learn what pain and humility are all about and that he and Dean Malenko will become the new ECW tag team champions.

The Last Word: Since ECW television usually showed matches from house shows and big events, the next few episodes will probably recycle the matches from Double Tables. That was good for a lot of fans in 1995 that could not make it to the ECW Arena. And by this time in 1995 the Chris Benoit-Al Snow match was the best match that aired on free television. If you are watching the shows chronologically, though, there was not much of a reason to view this broadcast as it lacked new interviews.

Backstage News*: W*ING promoter Mickey Ibaragi was backstage at Double Tables, which is why Jason the Terrible worked the show. He wants to use Pubic Enemy for a tour in Japan. There is some backstage heat on him for announcing ECW stars as part of the tour without reaching an official agreement with Paul Heyman, though. Also, the IWA’s Victor Quinones wants to resume a working relationship with ECW and is trying to get back in Heyman’s good graces through Cactus Jack. Heyman and Quinones have heat because the Headhunters no showed an ECW event over a year ago.

*The Sandman is on the injured list due to the concussion suffered in his Texas death match against Cactus Jack at Double Tables. He will probably not return to the ring until next month. The Public Enemy will also be out of action because Rocco Rock is going to sell the post-match angle from Double Tables.

*In talent relations news, ECW is scheduled to bring in Hector Guerrero to wrestle Shane Douglas for the ECW title in Pennsylvania near the end of the month. Local star D.C. Drake may also be the mystery opponent Woman is going to bring to the February 25 ECW Arena show to face

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for February 13 and 20.

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