Pull List Roundtable 6/17/2020 –Dark Nights: Death Metal #1, Strange Adventures #2, Family Tree #6 & More!


For a full list of these releases, head to ComicList: The New Comic Book Releases List.


James Fulton

It’s strange how Marvel has books coming out only every second week. We don’t need them though, because this is a strong new comics week!

This week I’m looking forward to new issues of Family Tree, Gideon Falls, Rai, Strange Adventures (!), Tartarus (!!!), and Wonder Woman: Dead Earth (!!!!).

When asked to pick one notable title per publisher the other week, I forgot about Wonder Woman Dead Earth, which has been excellent.

I also wanted to split my Image vote, including Tartarus, which is a new favourite.

John Babos

6 books this week.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #1
  • Event Leviathan: Checkmate #1
  • Flash Annual #3 (Suicide Squad appearance)
  • Hawkman #24
  • Superman #22
  • Young Justice #15

Mike Maillaro

Welcome to everyone’s favorite game show “What actually came out this week??” The comic industry continues to be in random mode. This week Marvel had no print comics…but a bunch of digital issues that started as print comics. DC also had Event Leviathan: Checkmate on the ship list, but it seems to not be out. In fact, Comixology doesn’t even have an anticipated ship date for it anymore. Anyone who continues to read comics during this chaos is a true fan. Any other industry going through this much chaos and so little communication with the customer, I would have given up on weeks ago…

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 – Metal was just pure crazy storytelling. I give DC a lot of credit for letting Snyder’s imagination run while on these events. They have a cool aesthetic, and lots of wild action. I do think DC needs to settle on a status quo or start to resolve some of their hanging storylines, but I do appreciate them having a little fun for a change.
  • Young Justice #15 – This issue is supposed to tell us what’s up with Conner. It was great last issue to see Jonathan and Martha Kent remember him. I will admit I teared up a bit. Superboy debuted just about when I started to read comics, and I was a huge fan of the original Young Justice series. Bendis turning things back to “normal” has been a huge plus to me.
  • Strange Adventures #2 – Tom King and Mitch Gerads broke a lot of new ground in Miracle Man a few years back. Strange Adventures is definitely in the same tradition. I love when comics can find new ways to tell stories, and Strange Adventures was off to a great start before delayed by COVID-19. Glad to see it’s back.
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5 (Of 5) – This series went above and beyond. I loved seeing Shredder as the Green Ranger and the Turtles becoming Power Rangers. This is everything a comic crossover should be. Fans of both had a lot to enjoy here.
  • 2020 Ironheart #2
  • Ant-Man #5
  • Batman And The Outsiders #13
  • Family Tree #6
  • Flash Annual #3
  • Ghost-Spider #10
  • Hawkman #24
  • Nightwing Annual #3
  • Superman #22
  • Uncle Scrooge #56
  • Valkyrie – Jane Foster #10


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