WWE Raw 6/22/20 Recap – Championship Monday

Tonight’s title matches are set up with the tag titles, women’s tag titles, and Raw women’s title are on the line. Despite the 24/7 Title being a title and all, that doesn’t get hyped – and with it being a joke belt, I’m kinda fine with that. The big story of the night is Asuka defending against Charlotte, who she’s never beaten while Ric Flair calls Randy Orton the greatest wrestler ever. Drew comes out and Dolph interrupts to say that Raw traded AJ to SD for both he and Roode. Dolph brings up bringing Drew back to WWE and he wants a WWE Title match. Sure, that’ll be a fun little filler match for Drew at Extreme Rules.

Nia sits in the ring while Truth comes out and sings his song. Then Charlotte interrupts her and Nia says that she’s built to take the queen’s crown. They brawl and Nia attacks her to give Charlotte an out for losing to Asuka – because heaven forbid Asuka just be allowed to beat Charlotte. Street Profits-Raiders recap airs and Rowe says he wants them to bring the smoke. Montez gets crushed in the corner, but tags out. Hanson misses a big splash to Dawkins and the Cash Out hits before Montez frog splashes him to win. They all hug and we get a recap of the Rey-Seth stuff.

Seth cuts a long, boring promo about destiny. OH MY GOD CAN WE PLEASE CHANGE THIS CHARACTER? Seth was so much better cowering in fear from the giant emo clown man with a mallet. Charlotte’s left shoulder is bandaged up and she says she won’t postpone the match – and then she heelishly calls her shot while also being a babyface in taking the beaten. Angel and Andrade are backstage and Angel says he has to take risks, like he does with a beautiful woman and then gazes into Charly’s eyes. Zelina calling her “Two Buck Chuck” is great and they’re a united front.

Asuka’s out to face Charlotte and Asuka works the arm right away and lands a kick to it before knocking her into the ropes, where the hip attack misses. Charlotte clubs her down but misses a corner charge and eats a release German. 90 is shown watching TV at a 45 degree angle, as ya do. Charlotte is locked into a reverse armbar, but Charlotte Rampage bombs her, but is locked in the Asuka lock and taps out. Nia glares at Charly backstage and says it would be a shame for someone to kick the queen when she’s down. They’ve gone overboard and then some with “the queen” stuff here.

Edge cuts a promo in a ring and says he kept fighting and Randy may say that he forced him to stick around, but that’s bullshit and he knows that Orton needed the low blow to beat him. Edge says he saw Raw and sees Randy calling himself the greatest wrestler ever and wants him to market it on whatever because beating him means THAT MUCH TO HIM, but to Edge, beating Orton is what he expects. He’s disappointed he didn’t see the low blow coming or do it first and he’s proud of reminding Randy of who he is and while he brought back the Legend Killer, Randy brought back the Rated R Superstar when he couldn’t lift his daughters up on Father’s Day. Randy’s a coward for attacking Jay, his best friend for 36 years, and he’s been there for everything in his life. This, THIS was the best promo on Raw in ages.

Randy says that he’s the Viper and he strikes – sometimes blindly and wildly, but he’ll defend his family. Backstage, Nia smashes Charlotte’s arm in a laundry basket and woos. Akira Tozawa and his Ninjas get no intro before Truth comes out and Lashley destroys the ninjas and Truth before Tozawa covers Truth and wins the title. So yes, in 2020, we get a sneaky Japanese man beating someone for a title. Nattie is backstage and buries Asuka for not giving great speeches and then buries Sarah for not scheduling an interview because now they’re out of time…here on this three hour show. She faces Liv and clips her leg and sharpshooters here thanks to Lana, who holds Nattie’s arm high.

Show talks about how you can only get WWE’s brand of humor in WWE. BOY HOWDY IS THAT TRUE and Show says that people think he’s all about fun – but he’s a GIANT! Ric Flair comes out in a magnificent golden suit and tells Nia that Charlotte will make her sorry. Ric puts Orton over while Orton says that he’s getting pleasure out of being the Legend Killer. Show says that Edge isn’t done and he’ll pay him back when he can – he’ll have allies now. Orton says he’ll take him out just like he did Edge and Christian. A Summeslam ’95 recap puts over the HBK-Razor ladder match.  Sasha and Bayley face off with The IIconics and Sasha gets run into Bayley for a nearfall. The champs beat the IIconics to retain the titles thanks to a Bank statement with Sasha cutting a post-match promo about wanting two titles too, and she’ll face Asuka at Extreme Rules.

MVP hypes Lashley sand says that Apollo should make the right decision and calls out Crews to join him. Shelton comes out and jumps Crews when MVP insults Crews, but Crews still beats Shelton with the shoulder-mount powerbomb quickly. Rey and Dominick come out with Rey in his new early days-inspired shirt outside of WWE with Dom saying that the family wants a fight with Black, Dom, and Carrillo helping Rey out against Seth and the Disciples. They go to take Dom’s eye out before Humberto and Black make a save. This would’ve been a better mid-card angle and the Edge-Orton stuff should’ve closed it out.

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