Pull List Roundtable 6/24/2020 – Empyre: Avengers #0, That Texas Blood, Ash & Thorn #1, Batman #93 & More!


For a full list of these releases, head to ComicList: The New Comic Book Releases List.

James Fulton

A decent-sized week.

  • That Texas Blood – I decided to take a chance on this one, as it has a pretty big Criminal vibe coming off it (probably because it’s drawn by Sean Phillips’s son Jacob), and the solicitation sounded intriguing. Neo-Western crime stories? I’m game.
  • I’m also looking forward to new issues of Die, Immortal Hulk, Once & Future, Outer Darkness/Chew, Rogue Planet, Sex Criminals, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, Thor, and Year Zero
  • I’m thinking about picking up Empyre: Avengers #0, just because it’s written by Al Ewing. I don’t really know if I want to get into this event or not, but as it involves the X-Men, I’m curious…

Mike Maillaro

  • Ash and Thorn #1 – Ahoy has become my go to company for non-superhero comics. They just always manage to find the most unique ideas…but unlike Aftershock, the series always seem to be the perfect length. The apocalypse is nigh! The world needs a Champion, and the only heir to a sacred mystical lineage is…a little old lady? Meet Lottie Thorn, reluctant savior of the world, and her also-elderly trainer Lady Peruvia Ashlington-Voss. They might not look it, but these women are prepared to take on any Big Bad that comes along. But first, perhaps a nice cup of tea?
  • Batman The Smile Killer #1 – A follow up one shot to Killer Smile, a Black Label series where we watch a man being driven to madness by the Joker. The solicit for this one makes me real curious what the hell is going on here. It wouldn’t be a Joker story without a surprise…and right on cue, here’s an unexpected one-shot epilogue to Joker: Killer Smile! Young Bruce Wayne grew up watching The Mr. Smiles Show-and the show might have been watching him back! And not only was young Bruce watching, he was listening…listening as Mr. Smiles spoke across the airwaves only to him… The Eisner Award-winning creative team of writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino land one last gut-punch-turning the mythos of the Batman on its head in the most devastating trick The Joker has ever devised!
  • Captain America: Marvels Snapshot #1 – These are basically Astro City like stories set up in the Marvel universe. I absolutely loved the Fantastic Four and Namor ones. Busiek has long been one of my favorite writers, and I love seeing him playing in Marvels playground more.
  • Empyre Avengers #0 – Marvel’s latest crossover finally gets to a start. 2020 did nothing for me, and the lead in to Empyre didn’t blow me away either. To be blunt, I think Marvel does a lot better with their smaller scale books than these crossovers.
  • Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 – This is the 80th anniversary book that I was most excited about. Green Lantern has such a great legacy and it looks like we are getting stories from all eras featuring a wide variety of Lanterns here. Pricey at 10 bucks, but I definitely wanna read it.
  • 2020 Rescue #2 (Of 2)
  • Batgirl #46
  • Batman Beyond #44
  • Flash #756
  • Harley Quinn And The Birds Of Prey #2 (Of 4)
  • Iron Man 2020 #4 (Of 6)
  • Justice League #47
  • Justice League Dark #23
  • Middlewest #17
  • Outer Darkness/Chew #3
  • Sonic The Hedgehog #28
  • Star Wars Bounty Hunters #3
  • Suicide Squad #6
  • Teen Titans #42
  • Thor #5

John Babos

Only 3 books this week.

  • Batman #93
  • Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1
  • Suicide Squad #6

Not sure why Event Leviathan: Checkmate #1 keeps popping around. It’s been solicited for a release a few times by one of DC Comics’ newest distributors, but hasn’t landed in stores.


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