What The World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – February 11, 1995

The show has a new introduction, with a knock off country song about SMW having the “biggest brawls” and “biggest stars” in wrestling.

Jim Ross and Les Thatcher call the action as they wrap up the television tapings in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Opening Contest: Bryant Anderson beats Tommy Pitner via submission to an armbar at 2:08:

Anderson was the son of Ole Anderson, the famed booker of Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW) and Jim Crockett Promotions in the 1970s and early 1980s and eight-time NWA World Tag Team Champion with Gene Anderson. Bryant trained at the WCW Power Plant in 1993 but was used in mostly a preliminary role. He arrived in SMW in late 1994, managed for a time by his father. 1995 would be his last year in the wrestling business as he retired and earned a law degree from Georgia State University. Ross takes a shot at WCW on commentary, saying that Ole is “in the WCW Hall of Fame…for whatever that’s worth.” Anderson focuses his attention on Pitner’s right shoulder, suplexing him on it and delivering a shoulderbreaker to set up an armbar finish.

After seeing how Jerry Lawler won the SMW Championship from the Dirty White Boy at Super Saturday Night Fever, Thatcher interviews Lawler. Lawler is angry that people insist that he won the SMW title through nefarious means. He says that while Buddy Landel wants to be his friend, he is no match for him if they wrestle at Super Bloody Sunday II. After making fun of Thatcher, Lawler goes back to making fun of the people of Knoxville.

Landel says he is not mad at being left off the Brawl in the Hall card but he will be in Johnson City, Tennessee anyway. Besides, he thinks that being left off the card is going to give him the motivation needed to leave Sunday Bloody Sunday II as champion.

Footage is shown of the end of the Heavenly Bodies-Gangstas match at Super Saturday Night Fever and their ensuing backstage brawl. Jim Cornette interviews the Bodies, who say that the Gangstas lack proper etiquette and education. Cornette puts over how he and his charges are problem children who do not play by the rules, making the street fight at Brawl in the Hall up their alley.

Jim Ross interviews Commissioner Bob Armstrong. He fines Tammy Fytch $1,000 for ignoring his suspension. Eddie Gilbert gets fined $2,500 for his actions against Ricky Morton. And Chis Candido gets fined $1,000 for attacking Boo Bradley. As far as the Gangstas are concerned, Armstrong fines them $1,500 each, including D’Lo Brown, for their attack on Tracy Smothers and Scott Armstrong in Morristown, Tennessee. The Gangstas and Brown come out, with New Jack saying the fine is prejudicial. The Gangstas and Brown beat up Bob and work on his left knee until the Dirty White Boy makes the save with a chair.

Thatcher goes back to the locker room and interviews Bob. He proclaims that he is going to add a match for Brawl in the Hall where he, his son Scott, and Tracy Smothers will face the Gangstas and D’Lo Brown. Jim Cornette comes into the segment wearing a green commissioner hat, cashing in a favor so he can get a preferred special referee for the six-man tag at Sunday Bloody Sunday II when he and the Heavenly Bodies will face the Gangstas and Brown.

Beat the Champ Television Championship Match: Buddy Landel (Champion) (4-1) defeats Scotty McKeever via submission to a figure-four leg lock at 1:52:

McKeever is no match for one of the top contenders to the SMW Championship as Landel chops him, takes him down, drops the corkscrew elbow, and locks in the figure-four leg lock to defend the title for the fifth time. This means that Landel earns $5,000 and the title is now vacant.

Call 1-900-73-SMOKY to vote in a fan poll about whether Bob Armstrong should be able to wrestle while he is SMW commissioner!

Boo Bradley (3-0) beats the Wolfman after a flying elbow drop off the second rope at 1:46:

These two have the most eccentric personalities in SMW. The Wolfman’s jobbing ways continue as Bradley slams him and drops a big elbow drop off the second rope after he grabs a teddy bear for comfort. Ross is not sure what to make of that on commentary.

After the bell, Tammy Fytch shows up in her old lady garb, distracting Bradley so Chris Candido can do a sneak attack. However, when she goes to spray something in Bradley’s eyes, miscommunication results and Candido is blinded. Bradley gets some dog food out of Fytch’s purse but instead of shoving it in Candido’s face he just throws parts of it at him as Candido flees with Fytch.

The next match is scheduled to be Unabom versus Robert Gibson but only two minutes of action take place before Ross tells fans that the show is running out of time and we will see the rest of the match next week.

The Last Word: This show was more squasherific than usual and Buddy Landel had an easy go of it defending the Beat the Champ Television Championship as all of his opponents save for the Dirty White Boy were prelim guys. Landel is also being positioned as a tweener in the SMW title picture. He is a heel against the Dirty White Boy but babyface against Jerry Lawler, so it is easy to see why SMW fans would cheer him because Lawler is an outsider.

SMW ran two house shows in the Tennessee area. Here were the results of those shows (courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com):

Lake City, Tennessee – Lake City Middle School – February 10, 1995 (200): Boo Bradley pinned Chris Candido in a “loser eats dog food” match…Robert Gibson beat Unabom via disqualification…The Dirty White Boy beat Buddy Landel via disqualification…The Gangstas defeated the New Wild-Eyed Southern Boys. Jim Cornette managed the Southern Boys.

Morristown, Tennessee – East High School – February 11, 1995 (450): Boo Bradley pinned Chris Candido in a “loser eats dog food” match…Robert Gibson beat Unabom via disqualification…Buddy Landel beat the Dirty White Boy in a no disqualification match…The Gangstas wrestled the New Wild-Eyed Southern Boys to a double disqualification. Jim Cornette managed the Southern Boys.

Backstage News*: Al Snow will be featured on the next set of television episodes as those were taped on February 6 in Lenoir, North Carolina at the Mulberry Street Recreational Center. Snow will be replacing Eddie Gilbert as a teammate of Unabom. Since the first episode with Snow will not air until February 18, he will start doing house shows on February 23.

*Jim Cornette is getting into a new spat with Pro Wrestling Torch columnist Bruce Mitchell, who was highly critical last year of the Gangstas gimmick. Cornette found out that Mitchell and former employee K.C. O’Connor (Cornette took a baseball bat to the windows of O’Connor’s car when he would not return Cornette’s personal video camera last year) attended the Lenoir taping and sent a threatening phone call to Mitchell, saying that he would beat him up if he came to another SMW event.

*In talent relations news, Bobby Blayze is expected to return to the promotion soon with a new gimmick.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for February 20.

Up Next: Smoky Mountain Television for February 18!

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