DC Comics Universe & Suicide Squad #6 Spoilers & Review: Batman Hunts Harley Quinn, Deadshot & Task Force X!

DC Comics Universe and Suicide Squad #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

Batman Hunts…

…Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Task Force X!

After last issue’s skirmishes (full spoilers here), the team needs to get patched up.

They head to an underworld “hospital” in Gotham City and get medical attention.

Their “doctor” attempts to kill them because…

…their is a large bounty on their head courtesy of new villain Ted Kord formerly the Blue Beetle! (?!?)

The team exits the hospital with a new team member / mascot.

Batman is on their trail…

…as are other parties Batman subdues later.

Batman confronts the team and…

…he and old rival Deadshot go one-on-one.

Deadshot weaponizes the mascot and reveals to Batman he’s been pardoned.

The book ends with Wink having stolen the Batmobile and…

…some dark humor, comedy gold between Batman and Deadshot.

The Pulse:

A fun issue with action, drama and well-placed humor. Solid art. Very entertaining over-sized issue. 9 out of 10.

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