Super 7 Ultimates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wave 3

Super 7 has given us a glimpse of what is to come with TMNT Ultimates Wave 3. This set will have 4 new figures, each with a plethora of accessories. Only one of the figures is one of the Turtles, so the line continues to flesh out with some 2nd & 3rd tier characters.

Interchangeable Heads
Interchangeable Hands
Pizza Box and Slice
Turtle Fist Daggers
Ninja Stars
Grappling Hook
Weapons Rack

-April O’Neil
Interchangeable Hands
Camcorder with Tripod
Wireless Microphone
TMNT Portable Computer
Ninja Stars Open and Closed
Turtle Communicator
Press Pass
Weapons Rack

Interchangeable Hands
Radical Robo-chuks
Portable Party Pack
Radar/Foot Blaster
Utility Belt
Weapons Rack

8″ tall (other TMNT Wave 3 figures are 7″)
Interchangeable Hands
Retro-Mutogen Gun
Manhole Cover Shield
Turtle Carver Knife
Weapons Rack

These are due out next summer, but Super 7 is taking pre-orders early to obtain the proper funding for the figures. To pre-order head over to Entertainment Earth or Super 7 Store.

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