WWE Raw 7/6/20 – Bayley vs. Asuka

The show open brings us to hype for Extreme Rules. Seth and Murphy face Rey and Aleister – so Rey is just back. Show and the Viking Raiders will face off with Zelina’s group and Drw is out to start the show. The match graphics for Extreme Rules have been revamped to be absolutely horrible. Drew tells Dolph to not waste our time, here on this three hour show and wants the stips now after making a frickin’ laser beam joke from Austin Powers. Dolph says the stip is a secret. Dolph gets in a Matt McMuscles “what happen!?” bit towards Drew being fired. Dolph says Drew’s a backstabber and he brings out Heath Slater and they say they thought he’d been fired.

Heath says that Drew is the chosen one now – just like he was a decade ago. Heath said he jumped for joy and cried when Drew won the title and Heath called him every day – and he had dinner with him all the time. But when Heath needed him when he got fired, he wasn’t there for him. He says that WWE let him go on the Bump cuz that’s the only show they’d let him on he’s fighting for his TWO GIRLS, they believe in daddy and he wants Drew to know that he was there for him – but Drew wasn’t there for me. He says I GOT KIDS ain’t no gimmick – he needs this job and he hopes their friendship can get through this because he wants a chance tonight. Heath shoves him and Drew accepts.

Drew and Heath have a match in their street gear. I like this – it feels somewhat organic by WWE standards. Claymore ends it. Well that’s how you make a guy worth less on the free market. Dolph tells him that’s not him. Slater and Dolph brawl and Dolph runs away. Heath and Drew hug and Tom talks about Heath being someone who supported him throughout his 19 year journey. Now that phrasing just makes Drew seem older than he is. Bayley dances her way into frame to be interviewed with Sasha by Sarah before tongue-popping and saying they’ll talk to the world before Asuka comes in and says she won’t be alone tonight and cackles.

We get a recap of the women’s contract signing going horrible and Joe says he trusted pros to do it and they did a terrible job. Sasha 3 Shows and Bayley 3 Brands brag about what they do. Asuka mocks Sasha for saying she’s 2 Belts Banks for having 1 belt and not being good at math and BAYLEY IS NOT READY FOR ASUKA! Kairi comes out and Asuka dances. KABUKI WARRIORS THEME AND ASUKA DANCING! Love it. Kairi faces Sasha and starts with a ton of overhand chops before getting a straightjacket choke. Asuka shoves Bayley down and everyone argues. Sasha chokes her on the rope after a break.

Corner trap kneedrop gets 2 for Sasha. Kairi avoids a round 2 of it and lands an axe kick Big forearm off the top gets 2 for Kairi. Back to back running blockbusters for Kairi leads to the big spear. Sliding D in the corner gets 2. Corner sliding knee to the corner by Sasha. Kairi locks on the Anchor before Bayley attacks Kairi for a DQ. They all brawl and Kairi hits a big YES SIR flying elbow to Sasha off the top to the floor. Recap of the Rey-Seth stuff sets up Rey’s return tonight. Backstage, Aleister Black is shown taken out with a Rey mask on.

Show meets with Backstage with Rowe and Hanson, with Rowe saying that he is the Biggest of Shows. Show is pissed at them for joking around while wearing a giant grey gaiter on his neck. KO is out for the KO Show. Seth comes out and thanks KO for having him on his show and he hopes his factured is feeling better. KO says that Seth doing battle with him at WrestleMania creates a bond and they made a WrestleMania Moment. He gives him a KO-Mania IV shirt, just like he wore at WM when he beat Seth. Seth says he doesn’t care about KO or his show – he just wanted to use the KO Show as a platform to talk to Rey and challenge him at Extreme Rules.

Seth says that KO may say things haven’t gone well for Seth, but the truth is, he’s more porminent now and Kevin needs him more than Kevin wants to admit. Seth’s high school last period math teacher delivery is terrible for three hours shows. Seth wants KO to join him and Rey comes out. Rey says that KO won’t join Seth. Uh ohg. Rey comes out with Dom and Seth ponders if Rey will face them in a handicap match. KO offers to team with Rey tonight and the winning team picks the stips for Rey and Seth. More picking of stips!? Even by WWE’s standards, this is pretty uncreative.

Now we’ve just got Rey beating up Murphy in the corner and nails a basement buzzsaw kick. KO and Seth go at it and Seth eats a senton for 2. Murphy high kicks Rey on the corner and Dominick went with an Extra Shane level of baggy shirt here. Rey lands a gamenguri on Murphy and hits a seated senton and then Rey sets up dual 619s before Seth grabs Dom. Aleister comes down and Seth wants him to attack and Dom pokes Murphy’s eye and Rey dropkicks him into a 619 and a frog splash ends it. Rey says the has the perfect stip for their match – an eye for an eye.

MVP and Lashley are backstage and Lashley says that he took Crews out physically and mentally and MVP says the future of the US Title, it needs to be in style and it’s gonna be ballin’. MVP is out with…maybe a VIP Lounge here with a giant American flag table and a belt on the table. MVP unveils a new, rather ugly US Title before Lashley puts it on MVP and Ricochet and Cedric come down. MVP is sent out and then they double dropkick Lashley outside. This of course leads to a match. Raw is Street Clothes tonight. I kinda dig it – makes matches feel organic for a change.

Lashley takes out Ricochet before MVP bounces his head off the steps. Lashley nails Ricochet with a big elevated flatliner. Lashley blind tags himself in after MVP runs wild for a bit and Lashley takes out Cedric. Lashley locks on the full nelson as MVP holds his US Title high. Ricochet makes a save and doesn’t get his ass kicked! Flair talks with Zelina’s group after Show is shown beating up the guys last week. Ric tells everyone to do well or they have to answer to Orton. Orton says that both Andrade and Garza are third generation – like him, and he wants Show tonight.

The Kabuki Warriors say that Asuka beat Bayley and next week, they’ll beat the tag champs for the title. Kairi plays their theme on a recorder while Asuka dances. Orton and Zelina’s group are out to face Show and the Viking Raiders. Show beats up Garza and then the Raiders double-team him a bunch. Andrade gets beaten up and Show slams Rowe onto him. Garza gets bullied by Orton and chokes against the post. Orton works Rowe over in the corner before Andrade tags in and suplexes Rowe down before everyone cheapshots him in the corner. Rowe lands an overhand chop on Garza and makes for a shockingly great babyface in peril.

Orton goes for an RKO outta nowhere, but Show shoves him out and goes for a chokeslam on Andrade, but Andrade goes for a chokeslam. Instead, Andrade gets a sorta chinlock and Hanson tags in and they go for the double-team powerslam before Randy RKOs Rowe and beats him. Peyton hypes up Bille Kay to face Ruby tonight. They call her a loser and then she’s behind them and she calls them dumbasses. MVP and Cedric are just off-screen not speaking, as you do and MVP tells him that he’s got a lot of heart. MVP asks him to not be content to be Ricochet’s sidekick and Cedric won’t let him divide and conquer. MVP says okay, if they’re equal partners, why does Ricochet have a new documentary and Cedric doesn’t.

Flair talks to Orton about Orton taking Edge and Christian into retirement and now Show will be next on the list. Truth comes in and Flair eyeballs him and he says Tozawa can’t fool him dressing like Flair. Then Tozawa and the ninjas come in and Orton saves Truth by misleading the ninjas and we get more casual racism taking WWE’s Asian-American usage to about the level of the ’40s Batman serials. Ruby and Billie Kay have an awful match with Ruby trying to wrestle herself and then Billie hits a super Eat Defeat and a short, dangerous-looking sky high to win. We go from one pair of annoying characters to Bayley and Sasha being tremendous.

Nikki is on commentary despite being on SD. She wants Joe to hold her back… so why is Nikki allowed on Raw and does this use up one of her…what was it 6 times of the year she can appear on Raw? Nikki is just tremendous on commentary demanding Asuka smack and bite Bayley. Bayley hits a draping kick on Asuka on the apron. Nikki goes after Bayley and goons take her to the back while Bayley looks on approvingly.

Bayley works over Asuka with a few cheapshots, like tripping her before a chinlock. Bayley boomerangs her into the middle rope for 2. Bayley flapjacks her on the announce table and then hops on commentary and trolls Asuka while Sasha laughs. Somehow, they make the Mean Girls act work in 2020. They fight on the apron and Bayley smacks Asuka’s face on it. Asuka missile dropkicks Bayley for 2. More apron warfare results in Bayley smacking Asuka’s face on the turnbuckle connector and then Bayley knees her head into the barricade. Bayley attacks Kairi and Sasha helps Bayley to attack Kairi and Bayley gets 2 off a Saito suplex. Nikki distracts Bayley by smacking the plexiglass and an Asukalock leads to a cradle for 2 for Bayley and then Asuka gets a victory roll counter for the win while Kairi spears Sasha to allow it.

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