Image Comics’ Adventureman #2 Tackles Black Lives Matter & Covid-19 Conspiracies Head On! (Sans Spoilers)

Image Comics’ Adventureman #2 Tackles Black Lives Matter and Covid-19 Conspiracies Head On!

Well, Adventureman #2 is on shelves now and it was a great read with amazing art just like issue #1.

However, beyond that, the team behind Adventureman use several pages in its back matter to address important contemporary matters.

First, they help readers understand the resources available to adults and children to tackle anti-black racism.

Second, they share Covid-19 factual resources.

Third, they share supports for those dealing with various kinds of mental distress in these unusual times.

Finally, since it’s a comic book, they end with a tease for Adventureman #3.

Adventureman #3 hits stands on August 12, 2020.

If you’re intrigued by the actual series, I’d recommend picking up the first two issues. The first issue’s back matter looked like the below.

Don’t sleep on this series! Get in on the ground floor.

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