Image Comics & Savage Dragon #250 Spoilers & Review: A Milestone Birthday In Quarantine Like The Rest Of Us?!

Image Comics and Savage Dragon #250 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Milestone Birthday In Quarantine Like The Rest Of Us?!

The milestone issue has a few more variant covers in addition to the above.

Plus the main cover.

For 28 years Savage Dragon has been on comic book stands; not always monthly because they’d be around issue #330, but #250 is a huge milestone for an “indy” comic nonetheless.

In that time, the OG Savage Dragon’s son Malcolm has taken over the title.

This milestone issue has heavy Covid-19 flavour.

Lots of drama and humor in the issue with…

…all-out action and…

…bloodshed with…

…hilarity ensues.

The Savage Dragon wins the battle as…

…the OG Savage Dragon returns with a smooth fin on his head as originally envisioned by creator Erik Larsen.

The book has several more back-up short stories and a few pin-ups that push this milestone issue to 100 pages.

The Pulse:

The main story was frenetic, action-packed, dramatic, funny, titillating and so much more. Great art by Erik Larsen with vibrant colors and lettering by the creative team. Quite a cliffhanger. 8 out of 10.

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