WWE Raw 7/20/20 Recap – Orton vs. Big Show

One night after a swamp fight with Bray and Braun and new SD tag champs being crowned in Cesaro and Nakamura, Raw returns with a couple of big keys. We should find out more with Rey’s “eye injury”, the status of the US Title, and the less murky status of the Raw women’s title. A recap of the eye for an eye match starts things off. We don’t see the eye gimmick, but do of course get a recap of Seth puking. WWE wants Raw’s ratings to go up and they start with a Seth promo!? Tom says that there’s hope that Rey will retain his vision since the optic nerve wasn’t severed. Seth gets a “shame!” chant as Seth goes over Rey’s injury.

He says he’ll always carry with him what he did and he blames the fans for making him who he is and Rey is the one who made the stipulation. “We can’t afford to dwell in the past…” here on this show with Big Show vs. Randy Orton as the main event in 2020. Seth says no one can stop his path and Aleister Black comes out and cuts a terrible promo and beats up Murphy. After a break, Seth and Black are mid-ring for a match and Seth eats a post by Black walking backwards in a waistlock. Seth recovers and gets a wide variety of time-filling moves on the mat. Murphy runs in for…not a DQ and then Black Mass hits him and it’s still not a DQ.

Seth avoids a superkick and lands one of his own. Seth works on the arm and snaps him to the mat for the curb stomp to end it and Seth wins it. After the match, they talked about Rey and Black being his past – so it looks like we’re getting Seth vs. Drew again. Seth beats him up more and attacks the arm a ton – so maybe we’ll get an Arm for an Arm match. Seth smashes his arm all over the announce desk and then he curb stomps the arm to write him off. So that’s a weird thing to do with each taping losing guys due to COVID.

Ron Simmons tells MVP and Lashley that there’s a better way to do things. Truth shows up with a pan and Truth says that MVP has a replica and MVP says he’s THE CHAMP. Shelton beats up Truth and MVP wants him to join him – MVP forming a new Beat Down Clan is great. MVP is out and they say that MVP isn’t the champion, despite it not being MVP’s fault that Crews couldn’t defend the title. Ricochet is relying on Cedric to save the promo. Unreal. “DUMB AND DUMBER!? THAT WAS FUNNY IN 2006!” No, it wasn’t funny then either. MVP announces that Shelton is on the board of the Hurt Business.

Mustafa Ali comes out and they all superkick Lashley before a six-man tag. Shelton and Cedric have some good matwork before MVP and glacially works Cedric over with a reverse bearhug on the mat for a bit. MVP comes in for a long corner choke. Okay look, he’s a great promo and he was good-ish in the ring 13 years ago, but he hasn’t been able to go in the ring for six years and he can’t hide that even in a six-man tag. Shelton and Ricochet get in there to quicken things up a ton and Ricochet eats a superkick up to and bumps to the floor.

Lashley bounces Ricochet all around ringside and smashes him into the barricade. MVP and Ali work for a bit and MVP misses the player’s boot and Ali hits a corner neckbreaker and a 450 to win. MVP vs. Ali vs. the US Title would be better than just Crews being champion of nothing while he’s out due to COVID. Randy Orton monologues to himself about moments that were life-changing. To him, it isn’t great matches – it’s the moments he shared with men like Edge and Christian to take them out. Ron Simmons gives a pep talk to the Viking Raiders.

WWE puts out a great hype video to make Big Show out to be an all-time great – and during his main event run a decade ago, he was better than he was at any other point as an act. Shockingly, they didn’t put the baby New Year’s clip in this and instead focused on him kicking ass, winning titles, and looking dominant. See – it really is easy to make a guy seem like a star. Joe chats with Christian via Skype and Christian sounds awful. How couldn’t they get a better mic for him? Christian says he doesn’t feel good and he has good and bad days. As Christian exposits, we get clips of Christian getting beaten up – as ya do.

Sarah interviews the EST of WWE about being the EST of WWE and Bianca recaps what being the EST of WWE means and she is the fastEST and the nicEST. Well, it took one promo, but they’ve found a way to make the EST bit already infuriating. AND NOW PEYTON IS IN TO HER EST BIT. Billie isn’t with Peyton and then they all bury Peyton. Okay then. Peyton stands mid-ring to face Ruby. Peyton locks her in her rope-hanging choke thing. They exchange sloppy cradles for 2 before Peyton “hits” a jumping kick and then forward rolls after a flying nothing off the top before falling to the Riott kick.

Charley meets with Zelina, Andrade, and Garza to talk about their issues and how they’ll deal with their issues tonight against the Street Profits and then the Street Profits jump them. Well that’s a heelish move. This means, of course, the match starts with holds to kill time. Andrade works the arm for a long time on the mat before getting a non-necklock octopus stretch to work the arm over more. GIANT twisting frog splash by Montez ends it. Boring match with a great finish. Tom somehow gets out “THE HORROR SHOW AT EXTREME RULES” twice in a single sentence. And to think, WWE’s commentators have no credibility.

Raw women’s title match recap from the PPV. Backstage, Zelina bitches her guys out for losing. Bayley bops her head to her theme song. Sasha’s out with both belts and Bayley tells the crowd that they should be ashamed of themselves for booing them. The Kabuki Warriors come down and Asuka says Bayley wasn’t ready for her and Asuka wasn’t ready for a thief. Steph appears from somewhere to of course clear things up. Neither person won the title match – but next week, they will face off in a a match to determine the true champion. So maybe Asuka was stripped of the title?

Bayley vs. Kairi is added to the show to set up next week’s title match to I guess get momentum for their partner.  Bayley works the arm and we go backstage to Shayna watching TV at a 45 degree angle, as all cage fighters do. Kairi spears her and lands the insane elbow, but Bayley gets the rope for 2.5. Bayley goes for the Baylet to belly, but Kairi cradles her to pin her. Backstage, Drew walks around in a teal and black striped shirt. Drew says that Dolph almost had him – but almost is the story of Dolph’s career. Drew wants a worthy challenger and Dolph comes out and gets shoved down. Dolph wants a match and Drew says law school wasn’t wasted, because Dolph’s made a good argument. He’ll name the stip…on the night of their match in two weeks.

Show cuts a great promo about going up and down the roads with Randy and bonding with him over the years. They called themselves Hammer and Chisel and now, he’s got the Legend Killer.  Show hits some body blows before Garza and Andrade come down to help Orton. The Viking Raiders make a save for Show. After a break, Orton wears down Show with a chinlock in an unsanctioned match, because of course he does. Show hits a chokeslam and he sets up a table and climbs up for a Vader bomb through it, but Randy moves and he hits an RKO for 2! Orton lands some sick chairshots before the draping DDT and another RKO end it.

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