DC Comics Universe & Batgirl #47 Spoilers & Review: A Joker War Tie-In That Has A Batman: The Killing Joke Reunion, But Does Barbara Gordon Have The Upper Hand?


DC Comics Universe and Batgirl #47 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Joker War Tie-In That Has A Batman: The Killing Joke Reunion, But…

…Does Barbara Gordon Have The Upper Hand?

It took a few pages, but Barbara Gordon eventually realizes that the Joker has broken into her home; she draws first blood.

He then immobilizes her legs with a “toy” from Batman.

We then flashback a bit to the Killing Joke story where the Joker put Barbara Gordon a wheelchair for a time due to a bullet to the midsection.

Barbara Gordon remains combative, but…

…Joke remains in control of her legs due his remote.

She feels that the Joker is infatuated with Batman and…

…laughs at him which, she believes, cuts deep for all men.

The book ends with Barbara Gordon…

…removing the microchip that allows her to walk…

…taking back control of her body and knocking down the Joker.

They both are in pain, wriggling on the rooftop, laughing with Joker tell her in the previous page he is impressed by her and on this page indicating she’s the best Robin. Joke or accolade? You decide.

This ending evokes the ending to Batman: The Killing Joke as seen below; the cover and last two pages below from the classic one-shot.

The last page makes no sense without the penultimate page.

So, while in 2020, Batgirl #47 ends with both laughing in pain on the ground, with the Joker seemingly having gained respect for Barbara Gordon, the 1988 Killing Joke ends with the two rivals laughing as well, but over a joker.

The Pulse:

I enjoyed the female empowerment at the end, but the story felt it dragged on. The fact that Batman: The Killing Joke has so much resonance 32 years after it was first was published has me contemplating current state of the industry. Anyhow, this was an ok issue with just ok art too. 7 out of 10.

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