DC Comics Universe & Batman #95 Spoilers & Review: Joker War Begins, Punchline Strikes, Underbroker Unmasked As Alfred Pennyworth Looms Large In New Costume Debut?!

DC Comics Universe and Batman #95 Spoilers and Review follows.

Joker War Begins, Punchline Strikes…

…Underbroker Unmasked As….

…Alfred Pennyworth Looms Large In New Costume Debut?!

Batman is on the run so Punchline, who like the Joker knows Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same, is torturing Lucius Fox to fin out where he might be.

At the same time, the Joker appears to the theatre where the Mask of Zorro was playing on the day Bruce Wayne’s parents died in the ally nearby.

Elsewhere, we see the Underbroker unmasked as the Joker’s lawyer…

…Mr. Grave who Batman appears to be following.

Well, that’s because there is a micro Batcave in his building where Punchline is waiting for him!

In that “cave” is the blue and silver costume that Lucius Fox had no clue about that appears to have been designed and built by the departed Alfred Pennyworth.

A drugged Batman hears Alfred’s voice as…

…all hell is about to break loose!

The Pulse:

A fast-packed issue with loads of drama and intrigue. Awesome art. Fun. 9 out of 10.

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