DC Comics Universe & Detective Comics #1024 Spoilers & Review: A Joker War Tie-In Reveals Owlman’s Fate & An Ethically Conflicted Batman Force A BIG Change On Two-Face!


DC Comics Universe and Detective Comics #1024 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Joker War Tie-In Reveals Owlman’s Fate and…

…An Ethically Conflicted Batman Force A BIG Change On Two-Face!

The book opens mid-action which also serves to get readers caught up on last issue’s events…

…culminating with Two-Face siding with Batman against the Joker manipulated Owlman and Talons.

Batman takes on Owlman…

…as the Joker watches…

…what he has set in motion.

Two-Face fights in James Gordon’s old Batman armor as Batman reminds him the Talons are actually zombies.

Batman takes out Owlman…

…with ice; a dead man once again?

The book ends with Batman about to perform brain surgery, believing it is out of necessity, as the Two-Face persona may supplant Harvey Dent’s persona for good due to a bullet in his brain that has been dislodged.

Batman is successful raising many ethical questions for readers.

Later we see, Harvey Dent is back to lawyering, but in prison and is visited by long-time Batman alia Matches Malone who leaves him the bullet he took out of his head as a gift.

The Pulse:

Amazing art from everyone in a complex story blending action and real drama. The surgery Batman undertakes on Two-Face should be the subject of much debate, which is a good thing. Wow. 9 out of 10.

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